A blind commitment to a Brexit Vote where ‘millions ‘ were deceived, this is not respect… it is contempt!

Professor Adrian Low: The politicians have got this badly wrong. The polls show a consistently strong lead for Remain… taking these ’50’ polls in total, there is a staggeringly small possibility that these are wrong!

In fact this a likelihood of just:
1 chance in 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000!!!”

May I start by saying that no one should be concerned by practising our fundamental rights to democracy when: truth, honesty, and integrity are allowed to come to the fore.

This allows a chance for consensus, progress and positive change.

Democracy is a right many people fought, and have died for… we have freedoms we enjoy today, because of these brave individuals sacrifices.

Taking a Second Referendum to the people allows us to exercise that right, and in doing so, this strengthens ourselves and our freedoms as a democratic nation… this absolutely does not weaken us!

We should all in reality be far more concerned, in not allowing the British people a final say, that we would not just be betraying our country… but ourselves! 

The easy cowardly solution is to continue proceeding with this catastrophic decision, and to not find the courage to ask ourselves “why…” this happened?

And “how…” in reality can this be truly what people wanted, when the Leave Campaign had to blatantly, repeatedly and consistently lie… to such an abjectly absurd degree, simply to… and let us be honest ‘cheat millions’ of people into voting for them?

   Are our leaders Jeremy Corbyn & Theresa May, the MPs of all parties, Labour & Conservatives really… as Carole Cadwalladr says:

“Prepared to be remembered in history as the handmaidens to authoritarianism?”

Shortened clip: pic.twitter.com/ETaXSdgWUq

When in the accepting of the original referendum, where people were so terribly badly deceived without challenging this and allowing a People’s Vote, amounts to precisely that…. a betrayal of the British people!

Switzerland has carried out over 300 referendums since 1848 with no detriment of course to its democracy.

In fact just recently their supreme court ruled for the first time that a referendum on tax levels imposed upon married couples in comparison to cohabiting couples must be rerun, citing:

“Incomplete information and a lack of transparency had violated the freedom of the vote!”

Sound familiar…?

In contrast the, misinformation, blatant lies and the sheer propaganda which plagued our own EU membership referendum was of absolutely ‘epic proportions!’

Despite this, it seems our representatives apparently have such a condescending attitude towards the British people, that they do not trust us to partake in a second referendum?

We do not make our mistakes worse by trying to correct these; on the contrary we make our mistakes worse by ignoring them, and by not having the courage to even attempt to do so.

To accept such a distorted undemocratic result on face value, and under such dire circumstances without a challenge, this is not respecting the British people… it is contempt!

Even ‘if’ such as Jeremy Corbyn wishes ourselves to be no longer part of Europe… there can never be a socialist, or more importantly caring Britain… when this is brought about on the back of a vote founded upon fear, hatred and deceit! 

All of which are traits which give rise to division… rather than bringing humanity together.

This is just an entire ‘contradiction in terms,’ and yet another fantasy being spun, which threatens to turn the positive dreams we have for our country… into a nightmare.

If we wish a more caring socially responsible society… then this has to come about based on truth, honesty and justice! To pretend this will arrive by any other means, is a foolish exercise in self deception!

All of these characteristics were pitifully lacking in those who sought to deceive the people of Britain into voting Leave… often many of whom are the most vulnerable in our society! The very people in fact a caring Socialist Labour Party is supposed to protect, we cannot claim to be protecting these people, while pushing the same agenda of the far right and the very charlatans who meant to deceive and commit so much harm to these people, and the very fabric of our society.

A People’s Vote on any possible deal must have an option to “Remain!”

The ‘vast’ majority of Labour members want to Remain, and a similar number want a People’s Vote?

“Nearly 90% of members want to Remain in the EU, while 72%,
now we are all more aware of the reality of the facts… virtually 3 in 4 members wish a second referendum:”


More importantly, a good majority of the British public want to Remain… this has increasingly been the case for nearly 2 years now!


And this ‘cop out’ argument that Britain is split down the middle, is entirely that… a “cop out!”

The UK is absolutely ‘not’ split down the middle!

As professor Adrian Low points out after committing detailed analyses of nearly 2 years of polls, our politicians are “badly” mistaken if they think that people are still support leaving the European Union?

If we look at the last “50” polls, chances that these are wrong & the country wants to still leave the EU is only a remotely staggering:

“1 chance in 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000!!!”

In Professor Adrian Low’s own words: “YouGov state, based on past performance, that 90% of their polls are within 4 percentage points of the actual voting figures.  The last 32 polls have had majorities that are over 4% in favour of Remain.  So the probability that the first of those 32 is at least 4% wrong (i.e. has a majority for leave instead of remain) is lower than 10%, The probability that the second is wrong is also lower than 10%, so the probability that both first and second of the 32 are wrong (assuming they are independent polls) is 10% x 10% = 1%, or 1/100.  Keep going and the chance that they are all wrong is one over ‘1 with 32 noughts’ after it!

Even if only half of these are wrong… (and that the actual result is bobbing equally between remain and leave) that has a probability of one over 1 with 16 noughts after it.  Because the result is clear (i.e. over 4% majority) and has been that for a long time, the chances they are all wrong or half wrong is so minuscule it is as near impossible as it could be.”

So Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May, anyone who truly respects and cares for the British people… we should not be considering proceeding, without a view to returning this to the public and a People’s Vote, and of course with an option to Remain?

In fact proceeding with Brexit in any form is not just wanton self destruction, but also wholly undemocratic!

* Let me ask you honestly please:

“Do you really think the majority of British people would have voted for Brexit if they had not been so badly deceived, and thought we would be where we are now… with this resultant mess?”

We all know the answer to this, if we are honest!

“Pride comes before a fall,” and many of our counterparts in Europe would argue, as might I… that Brexit is a result of our arrogance and folly!

I think we should also ask these questions of ourselves: Would not most of these friends of ours in Europe, if they were in a similar position… have seen the sense in admitting their mistake by now, and in doing, have the maturity to change course?

More than a hundred MEPs sign heartfelt letter asking Britain to stay in the European Union… and end this Brexit disaster!

There is no shame in this. The only real shame is in ourselves continuing down this ruinous road, and not learning from our mistakes? Only stubborn arrogant fools hold to ideology above reason and refuse to learn lessons in the light of new truths…

In holding to pride for fear of losing face… we are merely compounding a horrendous mistake.

For the sake of our future, and that of our children… we must listen to our conscience, and accept the reality of a need for a change of direction and a second referendum?

The truth speaks for itself… when such a large proportion of the public… including a good number of former Leave supporters, who now wish to simply Revoke Article 50:

Over “6 million” people sign petition to Revoke Article 50!

I would ask, no… politely ‘demand’ for the sake of the British people, please do not make a fudge of this, and only have a referendum on possible Brexit options, and not include the option for the public’s desire to Remain?

Politico, as well as other poll sources show a steady increase in the gap between Remain and Leave, as people have become increasingly disenchanted and seen the reality of the truth of the fake Brexit promises: 


Remember please, the original referendum was on the back of all the: Lies, and illegal activity by Leave, Russian and foreign interference and still… the majority was only marginal at just 3.8%!

“The first duty of the leaders and citizens of a democracy is to defend its elections from subversion. Yet a country that boasts of giving the world free parliaments feels no obligation even to look at allegations that Russia subverted British democracy.”

The current polling, and I think in a referendum this would be an accurate reflection of any new result, if actually not even larger… shows a strong majority for Remain of “8%!”

In respect of the latter issue…  I do “not” believe the threat to democracy would cease if we proceeded with Brexit; in fact I think this would mark the beginning of a steady dangerous deterioration of our fundamental rights such as… freedom of speech.

Again I would ask that you mark Carole Cadwalladr’s words?

If you think this is an exaggeration, just consider please how we got here, and since the vote… the horrendous rise of hate crime, even leading to the deaths of such remarkable figures as Jo Cox?

A lady I truly admired for speaking out, and who I had hoped would offer leadership out of this crisis, not merely in respect of Brexit, but for our country in the future!

 “We have far more in common… than that which divides us.”

However, I do know in my heart that she would have supported in ‘full’ a People’s Vote... allowing the country she cared so much, if they so chose to ‘Remain’ in the European Union ?

That’s democracy, an ongoing process of accountability to the will of people, which did not end on June 2016!

Democracy is not just some ‘brief snapshot’ in time, when politicians of any of our political parties including Labour & the Conservatives can seek to selfishly use this for own ends. True democracy, is a continuing evolving process of listening to the people and our own consciences.

It is actually a ‘selfish’ act to hold democracy hostage to our own ends… and it certainly is not in keeping with those who speak of doing what is best for their country.

GMB Union Twitter short clip: pic.twitter.com/bfOnst9LQC

So, I would ask again… let us do what is right for Britain, acknowledge the fact that people were deceived and equally by the same token, that now most have seen the truth for what it is… that they have a right to change their minds, and vote this time in a manner true to their conscience?

“A democracy that can’t change its mind, ceases to be a democracy!”

David Davis 2012

Finally, when I recall of a middle aged lady of later years in tears, speaking the day after the Brexit vote on why she voted Leave… this was on the back of the abominable lie of an extra £350 million per week for our NHS, a lie used to play on the fears of the most vulnerable in our society!

This lady spoke emotionally of how she had a terminally ill relative in hospital and was simply trying to do the right thing by this person, a family member she cared deeply for.

‘She was understandably, bitterly upset she had been cheated into voting for Brexit, and felt she had betrayed her country!’

Can we therefore not afford this lady and the many other people out there like her… betrayed by Brexit, the opportunity to right this gross injustice?

I say to our leaders, and whomever else happens to read this… that ‘no’ person of good conscience can proceed with Brexit, in any capacity without putting this back to the people, and accepting the need for a People’s Vote and an option to Remain?

After all, this… is what this lady and potentially millions of others would have voted to “Remain,” if they had not been so contemptuously deceived by the Leave Campaign!

So I ask you this… are the Labour & Conservative parties so lacking in principles they mean to continue with a deception that has hurt millions of people and seek some poor fainthearted compromise, which does not fully rectify this injustice… so doing a great disservice to our democracy, and the people of Britain?  

Or do you have the courage to right this injustice and seek a meaningful People’s Vote… with all the necessary options available, including one to Remain? 

* I have taken a choice selection of quote from that great ‘spirit’ Martin Luther King Jr… let us not forget the sacrifices that people such as he made, so that we all may enjoy the ‘rights’ we have today? 

Martin Luther King fought tirelessly to bring people together… not divide us, let us ensure that we are on the “right” side of history!

“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness. ”  

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him it is right.” 

“Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.” 

David Lammy speaks to all across the political divide:

“There comes a time when silence is betrayal…!”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Sean Sebastian White

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