“The” ‘Top’ People… I Would Like to Partake in a Picnic Hamper With and a Discernable Bottle of the Refined Sparkly Stuff…

A rather eccentric bunch endeavour to find the fabled… Lost Picnic!
    • Sandy Toksvig… potentially funniest female alive!!!
      ( A little dynamo of comic and  cosmic energy of super-nova proportions)
    • Tony Robinson of the… bumbling but irrepressible Baldrick fame.
    • Brian Cox… Physicist  genius and dude, but I would not only like to pose some interesting questions about the universe; also, of even more paramount importance… you played base in the band D-ream… seriously? I hasten to add – a few years ago, also see him leaving a sandwich shop in Leeds, and heading back towards the university. This was at a time (time being relative an’ all) when only the occasional nerd or geek would have any of inkling or interest (in reality, this one or some other parallel multiverse) as – to who he actually was.
    • Stephen Hawking… perhaps he could demonstrate how a picnic blanket in the midst of meadow is reflective of the fabric of the space-time equilibrium?
    • Steve Wright… in the Afternoon! Well, it does not have to be the afternoon, morning… evening, any time really. But then I’d also like to invite his nemesis…
    • William Shatner!  (I could never quite figure out – why this was, either…?) Both particularly zany chaps, who’s mentalities would reside most probably hospitably on another planet.
    • Nelson Mandela… a black dude with attitude!
    • Sean Connery... Scottish tartan dude with attitude.
    • Midge Ure... Scottish singing dude with attitude.
    • Bob Geldoff.… for saving the world, with the help of the likes of Midge Ure! Who knows perhaps these two could reconcile their differences over a cheese and cucumber sandwich?
    • Artic Monkeys… very kool, contemporary dudes!
    • James Garner – Rockford Files dude…
    • Michael J Fox, hey – the guy singlehandedly brought back skateboarding, and aspired to its innovative successor – the hover-board!
    • Jim Carrey… Rubber faced comedic hero & I’d just like to hear is philosophy on life, and this being a carousel?
    • Guy Garvey lead singer with the great band Elbow… and ‘all round’ nice guy – excuse the pun!
    • Ian Holm – hugely under-rated British thespian genius. He has appeared in just about every movie from the Aliens trilogy, Lord of the Rings and not forgetting The Borrowers (where on both occasions, they had to decrease his stature by a decidedly minimal proportion. Remarkably – he has been the essential lynch pin – in more films than you may imagine!
    • Gorbachev… for tea, egg and cucumber sandwich, in between giving Russia, and the world the best chance at democracy and fairness it had in decades when he  was President.
    • Terry Pratchett – writing dude, but I can imagine him being quite difficult. Nevertheless would be interested to know, if he likes me own masterpiece…     
      The Tallest Dwarf
    • Melvyn Bragg – progressive thinker and cultured commentator.
    • Plan B the singer… (not the latest schematics for the local supermarket complex, and reference to where the trolleys are stacked)I wrote this sometime ago, so what’s happened to this chap? The rap singer & artist…
    • Timba and Pumba from the Lion King, no doubt an invitation to ensuing mayhem & unrivalled unmitigated-chaos, but without exception “interesting…!”
    • Willy Wonka... I once played this role in a school production… never quite managed the elevated -and lofty echelons of Gene Wilder’s zany mad antics however!
  • Alex Salmond, what actually distinguishes him from politicians is that he actually speaks sense… btw he was on near top of my list… but since his departure as First Minister?

    And for anyone I missed…?

           Just follow the clown…!


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