Donald Trump by ‘any’ estimation…. in exception of a few very ‘minor’ quibbles… undoubtedly the Greatest President America Never had!

Let us not forget... Donald Trump’s humble beginnings.
Let us not forget… Donald Trump’s humble beginnings.

      Let us not forget…  Trump rose from humblest of beginnings, picking himself up roughly by his bootstraps!

Trump is the regular guy next door who began in the most Spartan of circumstances… right from the outset facing difficulties that would thwart the likes of lesser mortals.

“I started off with nothing… Daddy only gave me a small loan of $1 million dollars.”

Trump as a struggling young man demonstrating his innovative concept of ‘Super Trump Flying Ears…’ which later evolved into the much trumpeted Trump Airways! This also unfortunately never really took off…

effects-of-brexitAlso there is Trump’s economic record, and his stirring  support for Britain leaving the European Union, which has been an unmitigated success… or do I mean disaster, one or the ‘tother’ as we say in Yorkshire.

Then let’s not allow ourselves to forget Trump’s stunning record on inclusivity, he is after all forever  exhibiting that spirit of goodwill and kindness to our fellow human beings.

Potential President’s heartwarming moments.

Anyway that Wall  of his will resolve Trump’s overly generous inclinations to those who happen to be different. Then there’s Mr Trump’s proposal for a Wall! Ok… apart from the fact he described all Mexican’s as potential drug dealers and rapists, well apart  from this minuscule detail… there’s absolutely no flaw in his proposal to demand that the deeply insulted and affronted Mexican people pay for this Wall… whatsoever!

Trump building a bridge of friendship between our neighbours.

Also we would like to assure Trump supporters that having the active support of none other than President Putin  of course is nothing, in any  way… to worry about; no not at all!

In no way is this a threat to America, your democracy and everything you hold dear… if you happen to disregard the 200 or so murdered journalists who were… rather past tense  critical of Putin, and the fact he’s been eliminating people since the 90s including the single mother of a teenage girl!

Then there’s the various political opponents who have been … murdered , and Putin’s rumoured hand in planting bombs that killed 300 people so he could justify war with Chechnya and boost his popularity before an election. I can assure everyone that is purely coincidental, nothing to worry about… whatsoever!

Putin and Trump’s very  supportive relationship.

The very accidental deaths of Putin’s critics… nothing to see here people move on!

Indeed Trump must be a formidable leader, when he admires such as Putin… a man who imprisons three girls young girls – some mothers, because they had the audacity to speak out against him in a ‘2’ minute musical rendition. These young women were then placed in slave like conditions and driven through overwork into hospital.

That’s what you want from a prospective president… who aspires to be like a Russian despotic dictator who will imprison three young girls for years,  place them in torturous conditions, and seek to intermittently humiliate them on a regular basis by subjecting them to frequent gynaecological tests; merely because they happened to disagree with him.

Strong Man Putin squashes Pussy Riot for performing song with lyrics he didn’t particularly like.

You can see precisely  why Mr Trump would model himself on Putin it takes a big man  to incarcerate three young women for years, and then proceed to inflict various forms of extreme abuse upon them!

Donald Trump is a huge proponent of guns, and supported by the NRA… indeed a wise move. Guns are big business, and America needs the money… yes ok 117 000 American’s are shot ever  year, and the US has the worse gun deaths in the entire Western World, but that’s good business!

Neither, of course there is nothing to worry about when you have a potential president who has a temperament so very volatile that even he  doesn’t seem to know what he’s going to say next, and has had their twitter account rem! That’s someone you can trust the nuclear codes with.

Commander in Chief  who at any moment might have an outburst and flying off the handle…. upsetting those delicate negotiations where heated exchanges could escalate into armed conflict, and particularly with our nuclear neighbours China accusing them of creating Global Warming to steal American jobs and has his hand on the nuclear trigger.

This is what the world needs, a President who makes life interesting… adds an element of Russian Roulette, as to whether our children will have in reality any futures to speak of or not? Who as his behaviour frequently demonstrates... acts first and then thinks later!

That’s precisely what the world needs in delicate negotiations where more countries than ever  have nuclear weapons before, which if they don’t go well… could result in the fiery nuclear conflagration of the entire planet!

And if you are going to deny all the evidence of climate change, and the “97%” of scientists who believe in this?

Click on image to take you to site... illustrator we have nothing to worry about, of course... I think, ahem.
Click on image to take you to site… illustrating we have nothing to worry about of course… I think, perhaps, well maybe… ahem.

Why not then not go the whole hog, or… wok  in this case, and blame the Chinese? Well you can see his point, it’s all those infernal Oriental-type people knocking those chopsticks together at such a frenzied velocity… there’s nearly one half billion of them you know?

Donald Trump’s creates yet another frighteningly intelligently insightful tweet.

Then there’s Trump’s cunning plan to lull the Chinese into a false sense of security by actually

Yet another remarkably cunning plan... to 'Make America Great' again by buying his hats from China! What
Yet another remarkably cunning plan… to ‘Make America Great’ again by buying his hats from China! What “loyalty…” that is to ‘China’ at least.

trump-lecturing-on-broken-homesOk, so he’s a little bit racist, don’t let the fact bother you… ok, quite  a bit  but that’s part of his animate character, disliking
immigrant! Some might say Trump is also a hypocrite lecturing on the broken homes of minorities… when he has such a diverse family himself.

Now, how did that get there…?
Now, how did that get there…?

Neither, in no-diddly-way… is banning Muslims from America pandering to extreme right wing fascism  reminiscent of the Nazis; which then led to the Second World War, the deaths of millions, and the near total destruction of civilisation itself! This is nothing like that… at all, well ok, a bit, quite a lot actually, but hey ho the German’s did it, and that worked out well, didn’t it?

Ok, then there’s that little matter… that no living former Republican President actually supports Mr Trump, indeed don’t let the fact that notable figure of George Bush senior is so disgusted by Trump that it is said to be voting for Hillary!

Some might say this should cast the shrill ring of warning bells to Trump’s supporter, when even they  the two former Bush president’s will not vote for their Republican candidate.

Hey, but do two former Republican Presidents know…? They after all, only held the highest position in America for well over a decade between them!

I digress…

So to conclude: apart from the overt racism, sexism… the tax evasion,  and the numerous business misdemeanours  including the 3055 litigation, the four, five… six (I lose count) bankruptcies, lack of Mr Trump taking  any cohesive responsibility for his own words, and mistakes,  apart from that.

Oh, and that potential destruction of all mankind…  thing.

There’s nothing to worry about in the slightest in voting Trump… that is if you happen to find appealing the thought of a… fiery brimstone and ash apocalyptic disaster of biblical proportions!

” America was built on the hope of dreams… not the fear of nightmares.”


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