Winston Churchill who is in truth the founding father of the… European Union: “The British don’t quit!”

Winston Churchill founder of the European Union & Human Rights Act...
Winston Churchill founder of ‘our’ European Union & Human Rights Act…

Why are we Stronger ‘In’ Europe…?

            Now I am not a Conservative supporter, but I do take issue with how many Brexit supporters and some Tories have conveniently implied that Winston Churchill was an anti-European. Churchill was in reality nothing of the sort, and contributed towards the very founding of Europe.

            It was indeed “Churchill, who also proposed a European State and Charter of Human Rights.” He had lived the terrible atrocities of the Second World War, and understood the reasons why it is better for Europe to work together:

              If you cannot take my word for it, perhaps you can the word of someone who fought as an airman in the Second World War, and has seen the consequences of conflict within our continent! Let ourselves not be deluded, lives are still being lost in this fight against a small minded mentality… Joe Cox for one, who if she represents what staying ‘in’ means, then I have no qualms her taking upon myself her fight.

            David Cameron speaks in a passionate appeal for unity in the fight for Britain, and a strong voice in Europe.

           “You listen to the experts, you do not ignore people such as the IMF! If you saw a mechanic, and they told you that the steering wheel, and brakes didn’t work, you wouldn’t put your family in the car.”

           On the fight for Britain’s soul:

           “Winston Churchill didn’t quit when it came to ourselves deciding to fight Hitler. He did not wish for us to fight alone… we fought with the Poles, French, and other nationalities.”

               Economically “both” IMF & Financial Times… are warning about serious consequences if we leave EU! How on Earth can anyone delude themselves differently? If you do not trust the judgement of the IMF you should certainly do the FT, as they cannot afford to make a mistake when wealthy investors rely on them!

The FT’s View: “This is not time to revert to little England. The vote must be ‘Remain.'” 

        Each week we receive £88 million from the EU, and our own contributions goes towards amongst many… education and fighting poverty?         

The truth is migrants are not the real problem but our unfair, unequal society! For example.. those who run and control most of our national newspapers the ‘Super Rich,’ who are themselves… “billionaires!”  Indeed, it is no coincidence that  most of the newspapers support Brexit, and we have more billionaires than ‘anywhere’ else in the world, while families struggle to even feed their children.

           Also, 83% of UK scientists, wish to see Britain stay in the EU:

“It’s not just our >5,500 scientists’ signatures in The Times today… UK science is overwhelmingly in support of Remain.”

          Richard Branson, “before we joined the European Union and ‘without’ the EU we had to pay 35% tax ‘just’ to trade with the EU. Then there was the regulation, which went with this, and which was actually far more than now.”

         In fact, important international investors are already taking their money out of Britain on the fear of a vote for Brexit, imagine what would happen if this were to take place?

           There are too many ‘self interested’ organisations trying to paint the European Union, and its ‘regulations’ as a bad thing.  For instance European regulations helped clean our UK rivers…

          Not to mention cleaning our beaches from raw sewage, and also the acts imposed have cleaned our very air!

           A TUC report warns that a #Brexit could turn women’s rights back… “decades!”

            In truth the European Union is “more” democratic than the UK:

Ask yourself this, how many of the Leave supporters have now switched sides, because in light of the facts, they have realised the benefits of Europe and the stark consequences of leaving this working partnership… for our country.

      This is a decision, which will effect the United Kingdom, and our relationship with not just Europe, but the rest of the world.

       To conclude a comedy sketch, which makes a rather poignant point… enjoy, and make the ‘right’ decision today, on this day , Thursday 23rd June and the UK’s referendum for Europe?

Sebastian White      #StrongerIn


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