As debt nearly “doubles” under the Coalition, and is actually now higher than ‘all’ the prior 13 years of the last Labour Government…

UK debt “doubles” to 1.5 trillion under this Coalition, and is actually higher than ‘all’ the prior 13 years of Labour Governments… voters believe austerity has starkly failed!

Indeed… the previous Labour Government  admittedly made a few mistakes, but spending too much – was “not” one of these; particularly… when you consider many countries spend far more as a proportion of their gross income!

However, we got the ‘balance’ wrong… it is a disgrace that there are millionaires, and “billionaires” in this country, who even in the very midst of the recession – their wealth actually ‘increased.’

Doubly  a disgrace, that when George Osborne cut the tax rate for the very richest in this country from 50% to just 45%… the average millionaire would be £14 000 per week  better off! This at a time… when people’s disability benefits – are being threatened, and actually a number… in fact too  many of these desperate despairing citizens – are resorting to committing suicide!

In stark contrast, if you are on benefits – many of these people will not see £14 000’s in
an entire  year…

I wish people would “wake up,”  and be fully informed of  the circumstances, which created the crisis, which fundamentally down to the huge inequalities in our society. For instance in ‘2012…’  right in the eye of the maelstrom of this crisis – the very richest people in the world, actually increased…  their wealth by at least a staggering  “250 billion dollars!”

Too many people seem to all too conveniently forget, this crisis started with the bankers in America, not  actually with our ‘then’ – Labour Government.

Also people are inclined to believe the ‘easy’ & too  simple excuses the ‘right wing’ press spin – in many of the newspapers, which they misinform the public with; instead of allowing the people to observe the actual  facts, and judge the situation for themselves!

The fundamental core of the problem – was not overspend… if it were – we would ‘not’ be living in a country, where people are sleeping homeless on our streets, and something akin to ‘1 in 5 children’  are still  born into poverty!!!

The problem in reality was, that not “enough” tax was taken from the wealthy in Britain – to balance and spread this burden fairly, and pay for the improvements in services… the people of the British Isles required, and undeniably deserved.

* The Labour Government did ‘not’ spend too much, the problem is – the wealthy here… have for far  too long been taxed disproportionally not enough!

If this were not the case, the ‘bankers’ in this country, and others, would not have taken the risks – they actually did; risks  at times so momentously gigantean, that the average person in Britain – has been left feeling agog… at the nature of the figures speculated. In truth the reality was… that bankers and those from a decidedly privileged background; who had so  much money… they did not in reality know the real value of this, and as a consequence – to the same extent, behaved equally irresponsibly!

Since… the financial sector of the economy and ‘particularly’ the bankers – who are more to blame than most, have in most respects – taken the least burden for the results of the crisis, but this more epitomises  the continuing gross inequalities, which pervades our society!

And, which I hasten to add “any” mainstream party, and I include UKIP in that equation – particularly considering their improved poll standing, and also because many people delude themselves that ‘they’ offer an easy… simple solution to the crisis. This is simply not  the case, because as with ‘all’ the mainstream political parties, they are not  prepared to tackle the greatest issue, which is without doubt – ultimately… the crass underlying social inequalities, which ‘insidiously’ eat away at Britain.

Even Labour – are more interested in appealing to those ‘most’ likely to vote – such as pensioners; I am thinking Hilary Benn’s objections  to the proposal that the very wealthy elderly of our country their ‘pensions and cold weather payments’ are stopped, when they most evidently do “not” need these! Yet we live in a country, where some people are struggling for the very basic necessities, and worse… cannot even afford to feed their children. This is lunacy and following safe dogma on Labour’s part… “dogma” something, which all the three main parties are guilty of falling into this insidious trap.

This is actually absurd, when you consider that the Government is currently cutting housing benefits, which is directly contributing to increased homelessness in the United Kingdom; not forgetting other equally effected vulnerable segments of the population struggling to survive on benefits! Families, and those with children… who cannot even be guaranteed a decent upbringing, including the basic right… to have access to nutritional food, and sufficient heating, and not neglecting of course… a good education – so the future is therefore brighter for everyone in our social society!

~ All this lack of generosity of spirit, and downright penny pinching… which is literally costing lives, and this  in a country – where we are ‘still’ remain one of the very richest nation’s in the world!

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5 thoughts on “As debt nearly “doubles” under the Coalition, and is actually now higher than ‘all’ the prior 13 years of the last Labour Government…

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    1. I do not consider myself a “lefty” which is a tired cliche argument, and thinks for the sake of convenience in ‘black and white’ terms!

      France is also a ‘bad’ example, when the President for the sake of crass populism ‘decreased’ the retirement age, which when people are living longer, and healthier, but younger people are struggling to even get their lives started – this is simply wrong!

      How about, as you… if you wish to speak of ‘lefties’ well look at the President of Uruguay José Mujica who gives away 90% of his salary to charity, ‘and’ the country enjoys an unemployment rate in the range of only 6 % !

  1. Good on him, whilst you have dramatically shifted the focus to South America have a look at Owen Jones wet dream, Venezuela.
    They have started shooting people . .

  2. I do not know the full circumstances surrounding Venezuela, but while they have done some good things, it certainly ‘seems’ to myself they have also been involved in some actions of less merit.
    My point is, there are even some ‘right wing’ governments, whose policies I agree with but I do not know if you saw the study by NASA scientists recently, who think we as a civlisation, and this is the ‘entire’ human race, we are heading towards – inevitable destruction?

    I think this can ‘still’ be averted… however their argument was the “elite” of the world have invested interests to ‘not’ change, and they are resistant to this; although of course it is also – ultimately, in their own interests… “to” change!

    Essentially they are blinded to the truth by – “money!”

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