American deficit projected to fall 2/3rds of what this was in 2009 to $368 billion dollars in 2015…!

Stark contrast with the British Isles ‘Conservative’ approach… right back in 2013 evidence of America’s 38th consecutive month of unemployment falls ! Since this time, the American deficit has shrunk “6 years” in a distinct divergence to that of the UK.

If you ‘panic’ with any  problem in life… you ultimately just exacerbate, and make an already difficult situation – worse!

The cuts the Republicans were attempting to enforce on America, were clearly a mistake, and driven by fear… not  ‘rational’ policy, and decision making.

The ‘economic stimulus’ package the Democrats, and Obama have put forward has  worked! America has actually had an entire ’38 consecutive months’ of falling  unemployment, when I originally scribed this post, and now this figure, and the subsequent fall in the deficit – are actually far more impressive!

In Britain, where our Government has misguidedly – taken the ‘entirely’ opposing approach, yet… ‘once more’  unemployment actually increased  at the time of the release of the US jobs data; presently in the subsequent few months, it has fallen marginally, but the contrast between America’s and our own record remains… stark! The British Conservative Government’s (ie: UK equivalent of the Republicans) record on unemployment has been nothing short of miserable – in comparison to America’s.

If we had a leader… who in the midst of a global financial crisis, managed to bring down the unemployment rate for “38 consecutive months,” and now America has a potentially estimated massive  reduction in their deficit; on both accounts ‘unlike’ my own country of Britain, which has been run by a floundering Conservative and Liberal Democrat – alliance,  which has ‘unwisely’ taken unfortunately an entirely  regressive, and introspective approach!

This lacks the courage of having a vision or a dream…  which are actually the principles the United States of America  was founded upon.

The facts  ‘ultimately’ speak for themselves!

Please let ourselves learn these heady, but enlightening lessons?

*Austerity absolutely  does “not” work! The ‘facts’ speak for themselves.

You do not “cut” a person’s legs from asunder, when he is struggling to get to his feet! This is actually… just pure ‘common sense!’

***The profound conclusion is, as it ‘always’ has been throughout our history:

 Trust in “hope…”  heed ‘not’ fear!

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4 thoughts on “American deficit projected to fall 2/3rds of what this was in 2009 to $368 billion dollars in 2015…!

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  1. Facts can be easily manipulated to show what you want. If you have 30 people on unemployment, and 15 go off because their benefits ran out, but they have no job; then you can clearly state that unemployment has dropped 50%. Technically, that is correct. Obama likes to play those kind of games, as does most any other politician.
    I try to keep my blog clear of politics since I’m so cluttered with it on Facebook. It surprises me how many people still believe in Obama’s “goodness”. As I’ve told others, you are entitled to your opinion as I am mine. I have never like Obama or his wife from the get-go. She made a statement that she was not proud of America. That blew my vote then and there. Why would I want a First Lady that did not like America? In everyone of Obama’s speeches he made promises that I knew, as a Democrat, he could not keep. The only promise he has kept was his pledge to destroy America. When our enemies could not bomb us to death, O & M decided to spend us into destruction.

    I am a staunch Republican, and you, apparently, are a staunch Democrat, borderline Communist. Our blogs should get rather interesting. Truthfully, I liked your writing style so I am disappointed. My Flag Day blog should really get your dander up.

    Since you don’t live in America I doubt you can understand the way most of us feel about Obama’s policies. He is destroying America and turning us into a communistic nation. Those that are used to living under that type of regime may either be glad we are headed in that direction, or have lived under communism so long that they see nothing wrong with their system.

    Being a ‘staunch’ democrat, per my definition, meant that you will always believe in anything a democrat politician tells you, will always vote for them no matter how bad they are, and will never believe anything bad about them no matter what evidence is produced to verify the issue. You clarified very nicely that you vote for whoever has policies and beliefs that jive with yours. That’s the best way to be, but hard to find a politician to match. Look at the platforms they are running on. The democratic platform has all 10 of the communist ideals as part of their platform; while the republicans have 2-3. The democrat politicians have proven over history that they will always raise taxes or make new ones. When Bush did away with the ‘marriage tax’ the democrats would not sign for it unless there was a termination date. This year I am forced to pay a higher tax because I’m married. What does that say about prejudice or the sanctimony of marriage? I should never have married and let my children be considered bastards, just to save a few dollars on taxes?

    I listened to Michelle give her little speech. She stated that she was not proud of America, until she realized her husband could win the race [2008, referring to his 1st presidential race]. Based on her continuing attitude she is not any better First Lady than her husband is president; each is self-serving and egotistical. I feel sorry for their children and pray for them to find God as their savior. I did not qualify my statement with the rest of her comment because for me, it didn’t change a thing. Maybe she was not fully aware of what she was saying; to not be proud of America is also to not be proud of her husband. Unless, of course, she was excluding him since he was not an American citizen.

    As for Guantanamo Bay, the men there are criminals-terrorists and murderers. Why do you feel they need a nice 5-star resort to live in? Most of the American prisons are already like that. A man on death-row is even getting a sex change surgery, $200.000, with my tax dollars. I’m glad there’s a place like Guantanamo Bay to hold the really bad guys. They did not give their victims a chance to say they did not want to die or be tortured. I worked in a prison for a few years. Those men were treated well. Me, no so much. Oh, the other staff wasn’t the problem; it was the prisoners. They thought I would be happy to see their anatomy or hear their crude words. I treated them respectfully; the same that I did for all the patients I had over the years. Yet, they acted like it was part of my job to be a hooker. Jails are supposed to be uncomfortable. It’s supposed to be a punishment, a deterrent from doing crimes again. Now, they want to go to jail. Life there is sweet. The prisoners get 3 meals a day while Obama wanted to cut the soldiers down to 2 meals a day to save money. Does that make sense to you?
    Obama wants to have them tried in civil courts instead of by the military. He can pretty much give them a “Get Out of Jail Free Card” that way. He wants the Mexicans and escaped cons to run amuck in the country. It’s an easier and less messy way, politically, to decrease the population. Are you aware that Mexican prisons have US citizens that have not been given a trial? There are several in European jails that also have a worse time than Guantanamo Bay. Why is there more press about the miserable status of Guantanamo than the other prisons? Don’t pressure about Guantanamo unless you pressure about all the others outside of America.

    You’re right about the Great Depression. It was poor government that caused it, and we are headed for the same thing. What will this one be called, the Grand Depression?

    England is a mess from what I’ve heard. I have to disagree. The National Health Care plan is a disaster, and not suitable for civilized folk. “The poor will be with you always.” according to Jesus. Those that don’t have are poor for a reason whether it is medical, bad choices, or by their own choice. Medicaid was not the answer, and was a system designed to fail from the get-go. It encourages poverty, but the people don’t see it that way. They just think the government is taking care of them. Isn’t that communism? Medicare is another joke. I believed the government when they said they would save my money for my retirement at 65. I put money into that system since I was 16. Now, that same government is telling me that my money is an entitlement. I should have over a million dollars coming to me. You don’t want to know the paltry sum I’m living on so illegals can buy their guns and kill my fellow citizens. Somewhere along the line the government failed me again.

    Reagan did a great job getting this country back on its feet; yet the media crucified him at every turn. However, We the People saw the difference and chose not to believe the media. Even at Reagan’s funeral the news media seemed reluctant to report good things about him. Then Clinton got in and followed in Reagan’s footsteps his first term. I was hoping that maybe the government learned a lesson and would continue following Reagan’s ideas. Nope, Clinton did the typical democrat things–over-spending, changing tax laws, adding taxes, etc. Some of those did not go into effect until he was out of office–a president’s favorite technique. When the democrats had control over both the house and senate we really had a mess.

    Frankly, I don’t believe we will be around much longer. The Bible explains about all these things happening towards the end. Of course, every generation feels that. I’m sure they all believed it during WWII. I grew up in the 50s when life was placid, easy, enjoyable. Now, life is hard and harsh. I’m expected to give up all my freedoms so someone else can have theirs. Tolerance and consideration are out the window, unless it’s me being tolerant of someone else. I’m not supposed to pray in public, but Muslims are; I’m not allowed to say “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance (or even say the Pledge) because it’s upsetting to another, yet that person can take God’s name in vain and that’s all right. I’m writing this to you, and have no idea who you are. You could be one of those that collects comments from “bad” people and send them on to the FBI or Obama, himself. I guess it doesn’t matter. I trust God to know what He’s doing even though I don’t understand it. He has gotten me through a lot and will get me through the rest.

  2. Hi,
    Basically in response… I am certainly not what I would consider a ‘staunch’ Democrat; in fact I am not even an American! Speaking of ‘facts’ however, I do like to think I go by these, and if you look back to the Great Depression of the 20/30’s it was when many if not most Governments changed their approach to the depression – and created an economic stimulus “this” is actually when the situation turned around. First and foremost I follow “policies,” and beliefs…. which make sense, then I will follow a party – if, and only ‘if’ their policies appeal in light of this!

    However, there is also no way on earth – the First Lady would say she ‘does not like America…’ her own country, that would just be entirely unacceptable, for ‘any’ party, particularly in one, which is so patriotic as – America, which is so patriotic!’ I suspect you have taken this out of context, and what Michelle Obama was alluding to was probably the struggles with prejudice America has been through, the crass discrimination in its history, slavery… but there are many things to be proud of, such as America’s fight for independence from Britain, and its fight for democracy ‘around’ the world.

    However, while I remain to disagree with the Democrats on some issues, I would find in regard to their international agenda… well, I’d like to see military action, and intervention in Syria for instance.

    Also, I would argue that America has become quite a ‘right of centre’ country unfortunately! To place this in perspective, the vast majority of people in the British Isles, including the Conservatives would agree that a National Health Service is fundamental to a civilised society; yet America does not really have one, and the Republicans baulked even at the moderate measure Obama brought in. Most people in the British Isles… find this unfathomable. That America, being ‘still’ considered the most powerful country in the world: men, women, and children in the poorer areas of the US – can die of diseases, which are eminently treatable!

    Nonetheless, I also believe it is the “Republican’s” who are largely keeping Guantanamo Bay open, which is an absolute disgrace! It is a stain on the country many ‘still’ believe to be the leading defender of democracy in the world, but for this to sanction torture, and for inmates there, to live for over a decade now ‘without’ trial… Even one of America’s prior Chief Prosecutors in the detention camp has been campaigning against this ‘crass’ injustice, and as you can see had collected 60 000 signatures in just a single day!

    No country, without practicing ‘gross hypocrisy,’ can practice defending democracy abroad… advocating military invasion, whilst taking it away at home. As I said I am British, and I also disagree with some of the lengths our own Government went to – at the time of the Afghanistan & Iraq war, and also this present Government… in restricting the rights of its very own citizens. In respect of terrorism, when a country demeans itself to those levels, well they are carrying out their own form of terrorism, and their opponents to an extent have achieved their objective. While nevertheless, I do maintain these wars ‘were’ carried out – for a just cause!

    *You cannot ultimately – fight terrorism abroad, whilst reducing people’s rights to freedom at home!

  3. * Proof is enclosed towards the end of this response and here: the ‘myth’ is thoroughly exploded that, the Democrats are the poor managers of the economy, while the Republican keep a tight hold of the purse strings. This clearly demonstrates the Republicans as a rule – actually increase debt, while the Democrats… largely reduced this; certainly this has been the case over the past 40 years!

    You seem also use one ‘generalisation’ after another! The polls in America do not show that most people disagree with Obama or he’d never have been elected, and I do not think you are a staunch Republican, so much… as one who holds very narrow opinions, and refuses largely to be open to better ways of doing things, from whatever source they come from.

    Please also have a look at the definition of ‘communism,’ this is laughable considering how ‘right wing’ America actually is, when from the perspective of the British the country does not even really have a decent National Health Service. For someone who is a nurse, I find your perspective not only very disappointing, but incomprehensible. That you think it ok for people at times – to die in your own country for illnesses, which are eminently treatable, for the sole reason because they happen not to have enough money. The right to the same standard of health and education is a basic human right, if this is your definition of destroying a country it is seriously misguided!

    As I said, I am not a ‘staunch’ Democrat – I look at each individual policy, and see if this makes sense and works best! I have to say you seem to have some very ‘black and white’ opinions, while it appears you would disagree with ‘everything’ the Democrats do, and visa versa – believe in everything the Republicans do! You are ‘not’ thinking for yourself. If you were, and you do care about people, you would not have objected towards Obama’s Health Plan, which goes nowhere near as I understand – as our British Health Service, which here we believe to be intrinsic to the fabric of our society and its health!

    Again once more, I ‘think’ for myself, and apply what actually makes sense… I look at the patterns of history and see what has worked in regard society, education and economic recovery and the Great Depression… you really feel you are choosing to not listen to what I am saying. I choose from ‘any’ policy or Party, which makes sense on this basis, and actually work, wherever these may harken from.

    In regard to marriage… if you love someone, ‘money’ should never really come into the equation!!! To label children of any family as ‘bastards’ just because their parents are not married, is biased also! Whether a child’s parents are married or not, should not hold any stigma for the child, how is this any fault of their own? I really think you must have a look at your values, yes marriage is a good thing, but people have the right to choose, and not be biasedly maligned – particularly children, because they have different circumstances, and hold to different beliefs.

    How is our National Health Service a disaster? People do not die here, because of lack of money, as they certainly have in the past, in America! And you spoke of Jesus, and again you ‘do’ distort issues… to allow yourself to feel comfortable: Jesus, or any decent concept of a Christ I have, would not accept people being homeless, not having access to health care, and education ‘particularly’ in a country, which is so rich there are millionaires and billionaires… to think otherwise is a distortion of what he stood for!

    You state: ‘I listened to Michelle give her little speech. She stated that she was not proud of America, until she realized her husband could win the race [2008, referring to his 1st presidential race].’

    Well, she is ‘absolutely’ correct, I wouldn’t be proud of living in a country, where a person of any colour, and potentially nationality – could not become President. And you ‘do’ take speeches out of context for your ‘own’ convenience, and this is ‘not’ what thinking for yourself is about or making intelligent decisions. You know as well as I do, that she did not mean she was disgusted with America, but particularly appalled about its record on race, and she has a right to be!

    It is only 58 years ago, when this happened, and there was segregation in America:

    In regard to Guantanamo Bay… I really think you should do some research instead of believing just what you wish to believe? You clearly know little or nothing of what is going on there, the conditions the inmates have to endure! As I stated in the link I sent, and I presume you did not really read this? However, the former “Chief Prosecutor” himself – is campaigning to close the Guantanamo Bay! Are you assuming you know more about the centre than he actually does?
    Do you think it right to keep people in such conditions as these?

    The military courts are ‘biased’ and are ‘not’ a correct legal process or fair for that matter, in any case… there are people in the centre, who I am sure are innocent, but nevertheless have not been on trial in over 10 years. You cannot believe in human rights, and think this is right; this is down to people’s consciences, this is not what America, the land of ‘hope and freedom’ should represent!

    You just seem to tow the Party line, to allow yourself to feel comfortable, whether it is true or not? Do you think it is right for people to be kept in open cells, which they were for some time – open to the elements, to be held with little evidence, and never have faced trial? You seem to in that case They have ‘tortured’ people in this camp… if you agree with ‘any’ or all of this? Then you are expecting less for others, than yourself, your own family and children, which means you are biased, and racially, and religiously prejudiced towards others and ‘their’ rights!

    In regard to Obama not being an American citizen, again I have to say you are showing some gross racial prejudice, which I find this pretty appalling! It should be the ‘spirit’ and ‘courage’ the person demonstrates who is in any authority, which counts; not the colour of their skin or where they happen to harken from.

    And why do you not please, do some “independent” research on the internet? ‘Here is your proof you are seeing issues in a biased fashion, and that the ‘complete’ contrary is true in regard to debts, and the Parties! As you can see below Reagan actually “increased” the debt of your country… this is demonstrative on the below graph:

    You will see that under Bill Clinton debt ‘decreased,’ and under the subsequent G. W. Bush it increased “substantially!” It ‘increased’ under George Bush Senior and Reagan… even if you take my point, that you ‘have’ to spend ‘stimulate’ the economy to get a country out of recession the graphs shows this clearly! But please investigate the link yourself? You will see what you have been ‘told’ it seems is absolutely not true!

    You speak of evil, but I, and many believe what is happening in Guantanamo Bay ‘is’ an act of evil; it certainly promotes and encourages terrorism, because not allowing people their basic human rights, and assuming they are guilty without a trial ‘is’ in – itself an act of terrorism! As I said the prior Chief Prosecutor has launched a campaign against the centre, who are you to assume you know more than he does about the situation there, just on hearsay it seems?

    Many of those in Guantanamo Bay ‘are’ prepared die for what they believe in… as they endure a hunger strike; would you be prepared to show such courage?

    Yours Sean Sebastian White

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