Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt “Bans…” Gagging NHS ‘Whistleblowers!’.

Whistleblowers are Heroes
Whistle blowers bring much needed honesty, and transparency into the dark places of ‘any and all’ organisations; this is a gesture of courage, which should be respected, and most certainly…  protected!

The move some time back by this Government – to prevent the notorious gagging orders… should be welcomed. To criticise this move regardless of its merits, because it has been enacted by an unpopular Coalition… is as misguided in many respects, as the multitude of actual ill conceived polices, this Government “has” undoubtedly enforced!

We must not judge all politicians – as the same, for our convenience, whatever their allegiance or whichever persuasion they happen to be. In effect this is ‘as’ mistaken – as staunchly following a party ‘blindly’ and all its varying manifesto of its policies, whether they are right or not, regardless of what sense they actually make!

People should ‘objectively’ look at each policy and view it in context of what is best for the world, mankind, and ultimately their country, and by consequence society.

In this case, whatever  reason the Government have banned gagging orders preventing whistle blowers from speaking out, from within the NHS; the point is – this ‘is’ the right thing to do!

Ultimately rather than criticising the moves of individual parties, and labelling all politicians as untrustworthy; if people are looking for ‘long term’ & meaningful change, then this will only ever take place… when there is a “fundamental” and ‘wholehearted’ reform of our electoral system, and therefore my preference is to choose for forging a better future: Proportional Representation  as the most ‘accountable and transparent’ of the varying forms of electing – what are after all are…
our  representatives!

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