Cameron Clegg – ‘inadvertently’ reveal their true alter-egos: *Zippy and Bungle, from the Children’s Classic… Rainbow!

Families boosted by childcare move
David Cameron & Nick Clegg demonstrating their love of the little urchins… as they qualify, “As long as they don’t grow up of course to be Working Class, disabled or perhaps… not having gone to Eton.”

Cameron and Clegg have finally  revealed themselves, and their true personas, as ‘none other’ than actually being characters from that – 70’s children’s classic…  “Rainbow!”

Therefore Cameron evidently must be ‘Bungle,’ in which case ‘Clegg’ is unmistakably George…

*I was going to plump for Cameron as the often selfish ‘Zippy,’ and Clegg instead being the ever so gormless Bungle, which would give yet further insight… as to why the country is so  thoroughly buggered-up, quite to the extent it is! However, Clegg’s one arm gesture being manifestly more reminiscent of George, I have to confess… this somewhat threw me!

Nevertheless, all of a sudden, where they take their source of inspiration from – in arriving at their policy decisions… is becoming – evidently ‘all’  too apparent!


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