*This is indeed a scene to behold: Peeping through the jarred doors …of “the” – ‘Wardrobe’ into the fabled & mythical world of no less, than… Narnia!

My dear friends, and fellow ‘ethereal philosophers…’ do not be alarmed at the sheer drop “plummeting” before your very eyes – into the shrouded maelstrom-like mist of
swirling clouds… far below!

    # Let me have the inimitable pleasure of elaborating further?

Having, I can inform you with an exceptional degree of clarity, from many years of – as my friends will without doubt profusely  attest to… of accumulated experience of actually living high in the much vaunted realm of: “cloud 9!”

Therefore without any hesitation – I can divulge, this is  indeed a scene to behold – peeping through the jarred doors of the  Wardrobe… into the fabled & mythical world of ‘Narnia’ – no less!

However, the lion attempted to feast upon, and devour the witch, after the sorceress on discovering for the forthcoming ‘Warts an’ All – hags ball…’ herself short of the prerequisite cat for her broomstick, she unwisely endeavoured to transform Aslan into – said ‘kitty,’ prior to… while asleep – surreptitiously donning a rather attractive diamante collar, on the unwitting feline, and King – of all he purrrr…’ veys? 

Needless to say… abject chaos  ensured in form of a squabble of monolithic proportions!

Hence the erupting bilious cloud cover… vast copious eruptions, emitted from the consequent fractious altercation!

You may be, and ‘no’ less – for it, just a ‘bricky…’ my dear sir, but I myself – am a renowned Warlock of great power, and standing in these ‘here’ parts; as well as being an ‘esteemed’ member of (not ever to be speaketh of… without a fez on one’s head, and doing at the very ‘least’ a passable  Tommy Cooper impersonation) that very clandestine group:

The ‘Paul Daniels’ “Mason’s for Magic, Most Miraculously Marvellous, and Magnificent Magic Circle!”

*Or for the sake of expediency: TPDMMMMM, as a mark of our overwhelming  discerning refinement, and for good measure – one more ‘M,’ … “Circle.”

Glad to help old chum.  ;0

More at the HuffPost…



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