Pick-up-a… Pick-up-a… ‘apparently’ a “Cosmic-Penguin?”.

Captain Jean Luc Picard... knew the Starship Enterprise, had discovered a unique phenomena, whey they stumbled across a 'giant galactic penguin!' Albeit,  he lamented... with no sight of his favourite brew - a cup of Earl Grey!
Captain Jean Luc Picard… knew the Starship Enterprise, had discovered a unique phenomena:
when they happened to stumble across a ‘giant galactic penguin!’
Albeit, he lamented alas…with evidently no discernable sight of his favourite tipple –
‘nothing less’ – than a piping hot cup of alluring… “Earl Grey!”

They may have coined the phrase the ‘Cosmic Penguin,’ for this astounding visage… but it hardly rolls off the proverbial tongue – now does it?

“ *As you can see – here… we have the spectacular sight of the magnificent…
‘interstellar constellations’ of: “

              ‘Taurus the Steadfast Bull; Leo the Brave and Fearless Lion; Scorpio… determined and reputedly the most #sexual of all the star signs,  and of course not forgetting – our most recently discovered edition to these heavenly bodies… the Perilous Penguin of Perpetuity : beware its floppy webbed feet, its inexhaustible predilection for krill, ‘and’ its predisposition for…
errrr  – falling over! ‘

              # This… I can ‘personally’ attest to of course… myself being a Scorpio – an’ all!

Disclaimer: # Sexual of all the star signs   This comment is ‘solely’ the opinion of the writer, and has not been affirmed by any  hitherto – present, prior or some other inconceivable daft bat;  who may be unfortunate enough to ‘date’ the author… in the present, foreseeable; ooooh, let’s be honest – ‘very’  distant future… I mean we’re talking: time travel, and quantum singularities  ‘ere!

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2 thoughts on “Pick-up-a… Pick-up-a… ‘apparently’ a “Cosmic-Penguin?”.

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  1. It took me some staring, then looking away, staring, looking away…then, yes, there he was… One heckuva sexy penguin. Mr. White, it only makes sense you could not experience the sensuality of this gorgeous hunk of fowl. After all, HE only flirts with the chicks.

    1. ‘Sexy…’ is this a reference to me, or the penguin?

      Nonetheless… I’ll take either!

      And I have to question your premise that he only flirts with ‘chicks…’ when there was that one time he dabbled flirtatiously with an actual – “Killer Whale,” which unfortunately – needless to say, this did not end well!!

      Sort of a ‘one time deal!’

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