European Space Agency’s Planck Satellite Reveals Most Precise Image Ever Made Of The Primordial Universe

Here we see an image of what Ming the Merciless… most likely sees
when he’s spying through his Ray-Gun and dwelling on his imminent intention to destroy the ‘entire’ Universe! Just wait a few minutes and a red-cross target will appear,
  with the words…“Destroy!”.

The HuffPost article states:  But the data could prove troubling for some scientists, as it includes “large scale anomalies” which point to a preferred direction of energy fluctuations in the universe – the so-called ‘Axis of Evil’.

I really ‘don’t ‘ think scientists… should use such provocative terms as: the “Axis of Evil” probably for the mere sake of gaining additional publicity!

It stirs images on the lines of some bizarre hybrid of: Ming the Merciless,  with that of North Korean leader – ‘Kim-Jong Un’ thrown into the equation… constructing humongous ‘inter-stellar’ missiles & ‘inter-galactic laser-death rays’ – to send hurtling in our direction!

Be afraid be… be very afraid!

* Now, if only ‘Flash’ weren’t just a washing detergent…

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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