Stephen Lawrence Family ‘Spied On By Met Police In Smear Campaign’ Says Former Officer Peter Francis

While, I’ve known a number of good Officers; however I have to say unfortunately… also been on the receiving end of – as nearly as many: bullying, ineffective, incompetent Officers. Who are equally as abusive, and at best… neglectful of their roles and duty to the society they should cherish; this was particularly my experience in England.            

           For instance on a Leeds Sanctuary Association estate… I had to endure “years” of problems with neighbours, to the extent: I was verbally abused, beaten up on a number of occasions; the neighbours lied… and I was arrested by the police time and time again, on false allegations. In fact, recently I have heard of a lady who was merely interested in homeopathy, and related subjects, living in an equally deprived area… she received a similar level of abuse and discrimination!              

          For all intents and purposes, and I am being ‘diplomatic…’ but the police “colluded” with the neighbours, in this debacle. Not all of them of course, but the general ‘process,’ meant trying to seek the easiest and simplest  solution to the problem as possible for ‘them…’ at their convenience – regardless of the consequences to the individual. In reality they compounded the real problem, by turning a blind eye to the huge social inequalities, which were in reality many respects the major cause of  the discrimination, prejudice, and bullying, which were ‘rife’ on the estate!            

             To place these issues in perspective… and why there “has” to be nothing less than a complete ‘top to bottom’  overhaul of the police service! While I was going through the related court case, and had to stand outside these judiciaries waiting for my judgement, at this time I’d considered suicide – many a time, because of the injustice of the situation, and my innate anger. In fact amongst all these other people who were mired in the protracted ‘self serving’ bureaucracy of the legal system… there was a kindly elderly couple waiting also… who appeared ‘entirely’ out of place – particularly considering the clientele – socially disadvantaged, and myself for that matter… to some extent: I cannot imagine the investigated – criminal profile  of someone who was being accused of going on a social rampage, and a housing association estate; to boot – a general menace to others, and himself, having the criminal profile on investigation of having of a children’s book writer, and the patience, and dedication which a person – has to commit to this.

In any  intelligent person’s mind… this hardly amounts to in reality to someone who is – intent on being a menace to society, the majority of writers… I would have thought, are actually quite the opposite, and are prepared to spend years  of their lives making the commitment they feel is their…  special contribution to our society.

Outside the courts… and I am not attempting to be disparaging in my assumptions… however most of these people were a hell of a lot younger… than this gentile couple, and unfortunately – fitted the usual stereotypes – at least in their manner and appearance! Nonetheless, I still maintain in large part, because the United Kingdom is a class ridden  country, with little chance of upward ‘social mobility,’ which has actually become worse  over the last ’30 years…’ that this is  the essentially the essence – of the fundamental problem!

# This article, and particularly  the cartoon – place the problem in stark  context… social inequality  not merely affects our earnest need and desire for a sense of fair play, but also ‘every’ area of our society including actually – economic growth… is negatively impaired!            

              However, not one to be deterred, I did make further enquiries and asked this elderly couple why they were present and mired in the protracted bureaucracy of the court ‘system?’ And it transpired – that they were here: because of all things… an Officer had said they had been abusive when they were arrested for speeding, and implied… from what I recall, they were charged with assaulting him! If you had seen this couple… who in their appearance were more reminiscent of a Werthers Original feature, you’d realise instantly  – the abject absurdity of this.             

              This incident… was actually going back months! Apparently, as this couple expounded on further to the background of the case, they did not say as much, but what was suggested in reality was this: the Officer who had actually forgotten to process this case, had then confused the paperwork with another; then he proceeded to cover up for his ‘own’ mistake. Not realising evidently, that it was actually an elderly couple he was charging! In the disgraceful protracted, and neglectful bureaucracy of the Crown Prosecution Service, they were still called to court, and justifiably the case was ‘overturned!’  

             Their  circumstances were in a different context, but certainly of a similar ilk to my own. Consider a ‘young chap on social welfare,’  on a run down estate riddled  with drugs and alcohol abuse… who was experiencing bullying… because he was ‘different’ in aspiring  to just do more with his life, and refused to be pulled down, by the repressive malaise, which was insidious, and insipid – on this deprived estate.

              Notwithstanding this… still I managed to finish my first book *Quirky Claus  however in these circumstances, and it was my word against an Officer, or in my situation a ‘number’ of colluding Officers, who just wished an easy life, and followed the crass injustices of a grossly distorted system! Then I also had no one to particularly vouch for me, as writing is a solitary pursuit – on the whole, and therefore provide me with an alibi; also I have little family support – I can count on. Who would the court believe in such circumstances: however erroneous, misguided and – actually outlandish  at times – the claims were by neighbours, and the Crown Prosecution Service, and Officers… all of who allowed the ‘system’ to override any sense of fairness and justice?                 

              Due to the years of bullying I personally experienced, and this happened and was dealt with ineffectively in ‘several’ addresses for a considerable period – I had to then experience the indignity of receiving a charge of harassment from the police, because again – they did not really have the will and courage, to get to the real source of the problem! ‘Worse’ if I had not been aspiring in being a writer… to something, which others were resentful of, in a socially disadvantaged situation… I dare say these situations would not have occurred, and I would not be ‘still’ facing the challenges I am now.

It is a damning indictment on society, when those who risk ‘everything’ and put their soul into doing something to advance, not just themselves, but for the betterment of the culture they live in… that they are not only chastened, and ridiculed, but those who should be deigned to protect them – the police,  and other authorities, not only fail to do so, but actively collude to some extent – with those committing the  real  crimes, and perpetuating the abuse, and woeful hurt, which beget our society!                   

                  Nevertheless…  you take the charges of:  “cover up, abuse of position, and collusion,” which are arising in many parts of British Society now: everywhere from the NHS scandals  – recently, where it seems reports of bad practice were buried  to the extent – that this ‘has’ actually cost many lives; to allegations of our Government spying on its own people, and if this not horrendous enough – but also colluding with America in these activities; in fact – breaching the human rights of their own citizens.                   

                   It brings to mind the ‘extraordinary rendition’ of a Libyan Commander: Rendition-of-Abdel-Hakim  under the previous Labour Government, and the signing off – of this by Jack Straw, in which Abdel was sent back to Libya, after being in exile – where he was subjected to years…  of imprisonment and torture.                 

              #  These extreme travesties of justice are all too real, whether this is the: Stephen Lawrence case, Abdel Hakim, or myself… who experienced admittedly the lower end of this scale! This still amounted to the same lack of integrity and principle demonstrated by others, and consequently turned my life upside down for years. It feels as a betrayal of – what we all should  ‘hold to be true…’ leaving something of a cold bitter taste – for a British society, I believe we should regard as an extended family in a ‘healthy’ country, at least;  who are there to support you when life is difficult?

Rather instead, not conversely seek to undermine these traits, which I sincerely admire in others, and therefore seek to reflect in myself, and hopefully extend those sincere belief to others…

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  1. Completely agree that abuses of power should never be tolerated by a society. When will people wake up to this?

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