Syria Uprising: We may cast a critical eye on the ‘human rights’ abuses of the First… and Second World Wars; however ‘we’ similarly neglect – to take action to prevent… crimes against humanity, which in many respects amounts to –nothing short of genocide!

The lies we tell ourselves to allow ourselves to feel - comfortable, while 'innocents' die
The lies we tell ourselves to feel comfortable, while ‘innocents’ die… “murdered” by cruel barbaric regimes!

‘ It’s nothing to do with us…’  “apparently!”

How can we utter these monotonous narratives…   when ‘children’  are being forced to fight, because ‘they’ and actually their families  are struggling to survive, and facing the stark alternatives of being massacred, or imprisoned and tortured, and the countless  other crimes perpetrated against the people of Syria?

Under such circumstances, placing a gun… in your child’s hands, is better than – that child facing these possible alternatives.

For that matter, is there much point in you,  your family, and children… living, if they are unable to actually live – freely?

Nevertheless far… ‘far’   too many people with the Syria issue – have an attitude of:

          “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil!”

And instead of rightly being appalled at the plight of the Syrian People, and the subsequent lengths they have to resort to – merely to survive, because we  are allowing  for this state of affairs to continue, and indeed in fact – deteriorate; I have actually heard on the contrary –  people crassly describing these brave citizens of Syria as terrorists…  which is the precise reason… I felt compelled to write this article.

Indeed, I think it would be another matter entirely… if it were people’s own  children, and ‘their’ families, who were being persecuted – instead,here ‘ in the comparatively comfortable and safe West!

If we are not prepared to care enough… to protect the rights and freedoms of others, then we are actually – equally…  not valuing our own rights, and by default – taking these for granted; therefore… as a consequence, we risk the demise of our very own liberties.

# In fact a report has stated in respect of the five year battle for liberation – the Syrian conflict was “disturbingly unique” in its deliberate targeting of children,  warning that ‘no child was now safe.’

My criticism of the “no war brigade” is that they utter this mantra ‘whatever’ the circumstances… and it is reflects a position of… I couldn’t care less  masquerading as moral stance!

Too often, in regard to this topic, I see ‘over-riding’ ignorance prevailing of the reality of how this conflict came to pass with initially children scrawling anti-Assad graffiti, and being captured and tortured by Government troop… then peaceful protests arising as a response, and these protesters being fired on by the Assad Regime with gunships!

As we see Samantha Cameron  visiting Lebanon – in the HuffPost article link at the end of this piece, I would ask please for: ‘ Less words, and “more” action? ‘ We ‘should’ at the very least  instigate a “No Fly Zone” over Syria, and ‘neutralize’ once and for all…  the advantage of ‘air capability,’ this repressive undemocratic regime – has over those “many” who sincerely desire, and are fighting with their lives – for the freedom of Syria!

The development of Assad Regime: using gas nerve agent against civilians… including “426 children,” let us not delude ourselves – these are no worse than any of the other heinous crimes committed during the First and Second World Wars… alarmingly similar in fact to the ‘millions’  of Jews gassed in concentration camps…  because we ‘chose’ not to act or certainly – soon enough!

The ‘world’ at the time promised  they would not “ever” again stand by, and watch… while such atrocities are perpetrated, but seemingly – we are!

When we do not stand shoulder to shoulder… with those in desperate need, and are not prepared to defend their rights… we actually risk demeaning our own.

            More on UK NEWS Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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