Syria Dossier’s: Inaction will give the ‘green light’ to the Assad Regime to carry out – yet more atrocities!

Worst humanitarian crime ‘this’ century…
Yet once – Great Britain, has decided to turn
a blind eye. The Conservatives did actually try to act, but were blocked by Labour…

~ Over… potentially a thousand: Men, women, and children…  have been cruelly killed by a ‘gas’ attack in Syria on Wednesday 21st of August, and this is indeed… an exceptionally – terrible way to die! The very same day after – the British Parliament’s disgraceful voted  ‘no’ to taking military action – when this was placed before the Commons… in a snub to international opinion, and ‘basic’ humanitarian rights… a “primary school” in the North of the country was ‘napalmed’ by Syrian force’s jets.

         Yet still  even now… too many of the British ‘public,’ and elsewhere in the Western World, refute the need to take firm,  and decisive  military action – against the Syrian Regime!

          Those people who object to ourselves intervening, can we take it, in this case – that they would also have stood by during the ‘Second World War…’ when it came to the Jewish  people being “gassed,” in their millions – in the Nazi concentration camps? Because I… for one, do not see the difference… if you think there is, then you are evidently in denial – as to in real reality , and the dire dangers the people of Syria have in fact… been facing ‘every’ single day, for nearly three years; who let us not forget… and I know many people conveniently wish to do, but the Syrian people on mass  first began to fight for their freedom, by protesting… “peacefully!!!”

           There are far too many people speaking “blindly…” repeating the cliché mantra of – ‘no war!’ Do these individuals think the Syrian People like – war… absolutely not!  War was forced upon them, when they – stood up bravely… to speak out for the same freedoms, these people who wish ‘selfishly’ not to take action to defend the liberties of others… apparently take for granted!

*In conclusion: to deny what is actually happening in Syria – now, can be considered no better, and as misguided – in attitude  than those who were the at ‘best’ were described as the “holocaust deniers…” of the Second World War!

People are concerned in respect of taking military action, but if Assad were to succeed… if we are to learn a lesson from history, then we can expect that the President will launch a wholesaler massacre on his enemies… as his father committed with the city of Hama, which he flattened killing “20 000” people!

           At the very worst… this is an exercise in selfish self indulgent denial…  by those who are seemingly prepared to stand by, while men, woman and ‘children’ – are slaughtered!

 ” If we do not learn from the lessons of history… we are doomed to repeat them! “

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