Exclusive: Royal Baby’s Real Name ‘Finally’ Announced: Avoid all other… Spurious – Reports to the Contrary!!!

Our very special heir's - first reaction: "Jeeeez... seriously?"
Our very special heir’s – first reaction:
“Jeeeez… seriously?”

# Here at: SebastianWhiteWrites.wordpress.com…  we ‘are’ indeed proud to present the announcement, of the Royal Baby’s real  name – grounded in his family’s roots…  in an absolute “world”  exclusive!!!

In homage to the Windsor’s… and their unbeknownst to most – actual heritage as :
‘hillbilly rednecks…’  harking from the American Deep South  ‘down yonder’ – home of grits and bourbon… the latter preferably for breakfast, and poured liberally… over your well Sautéed grits!

So let us not delay – yet further, and exuberantly make the Royal Proclamation – to the sounds of an illustrious  fanfare of buglers: ‘ Pa pa paaaaaaaaa…! ‘

The new Heir to the Throne – is to be duly named:

Bubba-Billy Boy-Roy-Ray… Mountbatten-Windsor  – the ‘First,’ no less! “

Disclaimer : All details were correct at the time of going to press! Information was obtained from an actual insider,  who was a friend, of another friend, of a friend’s aunt, who knew the cleaner – who knew of the footman, who had direct access to the Queen’s Chauffeur’s – petrol attendant!
However, we cannot be held liable for any misinformation ‘trumpeted’ by other more disreputable  mainstream medias – who may arrive at an entirely  fancifully erroneous announcement, which blatantly disregards the ’eminently’ prestigious: Royal Redneck Hillbilly…  bloodline.


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