North Korea To Issue Verdict On ‘American Citizen’ Pae Jun-Ho, “Charged” With Attempting To Overthrow Government…

Kangaroo Court?

Within the annals of history “many” an individual ‘has’ changed the world, or at the very least… been the ‘catalyst’ for monumental change!

However in this case, I ‘do’ think this is only the North Korean Regime taking yet another apt opportunity to attack America, because to this despotic state, the United States represents the “seat of democracy,” and therefore a threat to the regime – just by the mere nature of its very existence!

Personally, I think *General MacArthur… may well have been right in some respects, when during the Korean War of 1950-53 – he wished to push all the way through to China, in effect resolving both the Korean conflict, and China’s continuing provocative behaviour and support for the war! However these were without doubt – precarious times, even ‘more’ so than now.

If you look at this situation from the greater perspective, then the issues, and problems surrounding these countries, and their often ‘terrible’ records on human rights; I do believe it certainly would have been better to take a more proactive position, and to have interceded sooner – than to allow China to have nuclear weapons, but most certainly North Korea!
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