A blind commitment to a Brexit Vote where ‘millions ‘ were deceived, this is not respect… it is contempt!

Professor Adrian Low: The politicians have got this badly wrong. The polls show a consistently strong lead for Remain… taking these ’50’ polls in total, there is a staggeringly small possibility that these are wrong!

In fact this a likelihood of just:
1 chance in 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000!!!”

May I start by saying that no one should be concerned by practising our fundamental rights to democracy when: truth, honesty, and integrity are allowed to come to the fore.

This allows a chance for consensus, progress and positive change.

Democracy is a right many people fought, and have died for… we have freedoms we enjoy today, because of these brave individuals sacrifices.

Taking a Second Referendum to the people allows us to exercise that right, and in doing so, this strengthens ourselves and our freedoms as a democratic nation… this absolutely does not weaken us!

We should all in reality be far more concerned, in not allowing the British people a final say, that we would not just be betraying our country… but ourselves! 

The easy cowardly solution is to continue proceeding with this catastrophic decision, and to not find the courage to ask ourselves “why…” this happened?

And “how…” in reality can this be truly what people wanted, when the Leave Campaign had to blatantly, repeatedly and consistently lie… to such an abjectly absurd degree, simply to… and let us be honest ‘cheat millions’ of people into voting for them?

   Are our leaders Jeremy Corbyn & Theresa May, the MPs of all parties, Labour & Conservatives really… as Carole Cadwalladr says:

“Prepared to be remembered in history as the handmaidens to authoritarianism?”

Shortened clip: pic.twitter.com/ETaXSdgWUq

When in the accepting of the original referendum, where people were so terribly badly deceived without challenging this and allowing a People’s Vote, amounts to precisely that…. a betrayal of the British people!

Switzerland has carried out over 300 referendums since 1848 with no detriment of course to its democracy.

In fact just recently their supreme court ruled for the first time that a referendum on tax levels imposed upon married couples in comparison to cohabiting couples must be rerun, citing:

“Incomplete information and a lack of transparency had violated the freedom of the vote!”

Sound familiar…?

In contrast the, misinformation, blatant lies and the sheer propaganda which plagued our own EU membership referendum was of absolutely ‘epic proportions!’

Despite this, it seems our representatives apparently have such a condescending attitude towards the British people, that they do not trust us to partake in a second referendum?

We do not make our mistakes worse by trying to correct these; on the contrary we make our mistakes worse by ignoring them, and by not having the courage to even attempt to do so.

To accept such a distorted undemocratic result on face value, and under such dire circumstances without a challenge, this is not respecting the British people… it is contempt!

Even ‘if’ such as Jeremy Corbyn wishes ourselves to be no longer part of Europe… there can never be a socialist, or more importantly caring Britain… when this is brought about on the back of a vote founded upon fear, hatred and deceit! 

All of which are traits which give rise to division… rather than bringing humanity together.

This is just an entire ‘contradiction in terms,’ and yet another fantasy being spun, which threatens to turn the positive dreams we have for our country… into a nightmare.

If we wish a more caring socially responsible society… then this has to come about based on truth, honesty and justice! To pretend this will arrive by any other means, is a foolish exercise in self deception!

All of these characteristics were pitifully lacking in those who sought to deceive the people of Britain into voting Leave… often many of whom are the most vulnerable in our society! The very people in fact a caring Socialist Labour Party is supposed to protect, we cannot claim to be protecting these people, while pushing the same agenda of the far right and the very charlatans who meant to deceive and commit so much harm to these people, and the very fabric of our society.

A People’s Vote on any possible deal must have an option to “Remain!”

The ‘vast’ majority of Labour members want to Remain, and a similar number want a People’s Vote?

“Nearly 90% of members want to Remain in the EU, while 72%,
now we are all more aware of the reality of the facts… virtually 3 in 4 members wish a second referendum:”


More importantly, a good majority of the British public want to Remain… this has increasingly been the case for nearly 2 years now!


And this ‘cop out’ argument that Britain is split down the middle, is entirely that… a “cop out!”

The UK is absolutely ‘not’ split down the middle!

As professor Adrian Low points out after committing detailed analyses of nearly 2 years of polls, our politicians are “badly” mistaken if they think that people are still support leaving the European Union?

If we look at the last “50” polls, chances that these are wrong & the country wants to still leave the EU is only a remotely staggering:

“1 chance in 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000!!!”

In Professor Adrian Low’s own words: “YouGov state, based on past performance, that 90% of their polls are within 4 percentage points of the actual voting figures.  The last 32 polls have had majorities that are over 4% in favour of Remain.  So the probability that the first of those 32 is at least 4% wrong (i.e. has a majority for leave instead of remain) is lower than 10%, The probability that the second is wrong is also lower than 10%, so the probability that both first and second of the 32 are wrong (assuming they are independent polls) is 10% x 10% = 1%, or 1/100.  Keep going and the chance that they are all wrong is one over ‘1 with 32 noughts’ after it!

Even if only half of these are wrong… (and that the actual result is bobbing equally between remain and leave) that has a probability of one over 1 with 16 noughts after it.  Because the result is clear (i.e. over 4% majority) and has been that for a long time, the chances they are all wrong or half wrong is so minuscule it is as near impossible as it could be.”

So Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May, anyone who truly respects and cares for the British people… we should not be considering proceeding, without a view to returning this to the public and a People’s Vote, and of course with an option to Remain?

In fact proceeding with Brexit in any form is not just wanton self destruction, but also wholly undemocratic!

* Let me ask you honestly please:

“Do you really think the majority of British people would have voted for Brexit if they had not been so badly deceived, and thought we would be where we are now… with this resultant mess?”

We all know the answer to this, if we are honest!

“Pride comes before a fall,” and many of our counterparts in Europe would argue, as might I… that Brexit is a result of our arrogance and folly!

I think we should also ask these questions of ourselves: Would not most of these friends of ours in Europe, if they were in a similar position… have seen the sense in admitting their mistake by now, and in doing, have the maturity to change course?

More than a hundred MEPs sign heartfelt letter asking Britain to stay in the European Union… and end this Brexit disaster!

There is no shame in this. The only real shame is in ourselves continuing down this ruinous road, and not learning from our mistakes? Only stubborn arrogant fools hold to ideology above reason and refuse to learn lessons in the light of new truths…

In holding to pride for fear of losing face… we are merely compounding a horrendous mistake.

For the sake of our future, and that of our children… we must listen to our conscience, and accept the reality of a need for a change of direction and a second referendum?

The truth speaks for itself… when such a large proportion of the public… including a good number of former Leave supporters, who now wish to simply Revoke Article 50:

Over “6 million” people sign petition to Revoke Article 50!

I would ask, no… politely ‘demand’ for the sake of the British people, please do not make a fudge of this, and only have a referendum on possible Brexit options, and not include the option for the public’s desire to Remain?

Politico, as well as other poll sources show a steady increase in the gap between Remain and Leave, as people have become increasingly disenchanted and seen the reality of the truth of the fake Brexit promises: 


Remember please, the original referendum was on the back of all the: Lies, and illegal activity by Leave, Russian and foreign interference and still… the majority was only marginal at just 3.8%!

“The first duty of the leaders and citizens of a democracy is to defend its elections from subversion. Yet a country that boasts of giving the world free parliaments feels no obligation even to look at allegations that Russia subverted British democracy.”

The current polling, and I think in a referendum this would be an accurate reflection of any new result, if actually not even larger… shows a strong majority for Remain of “8%!”

In respect of the latter issue…  I do “not” believe the threat to democracy would cease if we proceeded with Brexit; in fact I think this would mark the beginning of a steady dangerous deterioration of our fundamental rights such as… freedom of speech.

Again I would ask that you mark Carole Cadwalladr’s words?

If you think this is an exaggeration, just consider please how we got here, and since the vote… the horrendous rise of hate crime, even leading to the deaths of such remarkable figures as Jo Cox?

A lady I truly admired for speaking out, and who I had hoped would offer leadership out of this crisis, not merely in respect of Brexit, but for our country in the future!

 “We have far more in common… than that which divides us.”

However, I do know in my heart that she would have supported in ‘full’ a People’s Vote... allowing the country she cared so much, if they so chose to ‘Remain’ in the European Union ?

That’s democracy, an ongoing process of accountability to the will of people, which did not end on June 2016!

Democracy is not just some ‘brief snapshot’ in time, when politicians of any of our political parties including Labour & the Conservatives can seek to selfishly use this for own ends. True democracy, is a continuing evolving process of listening to the people and our own consciences.

It is actually a ‘selfish’ act to hold democracy hostage to our own ends… and it certainly is not in keeping with those who speak of doing what is best for their country.

GMB Union Twitter short clip: pic.twitter.com/bfOnst9LQC

So, I would ask again… let us do what is right for Britain, acknowledge the fact that people were deceived and equally by the same token, that now most have seen the truth for what it is… that they have a right to change their minds, and vote this time in a manner true to their conscience?

“A democracy that can’t change its mind, ceases to be a democracy!”

David Davis 2012

Finally, when I recall of a middle aged lady of later years in tears, speaking the day after the Brexit vote on why she voted Leave… this was on the back of the abominable lie of an extra £350 million per week for our NHS, a lie used to play on the fears of the most vulnerable in our society!

This lady spoke emotionally of how she had a terminally ill relative in hospital and was simply trying to do the right thing by this person, a family member she cared deeply for.

‘She was understandably, bitterly upset she had been cheated into voting for Brexit, and felt she had betrayed her country!’

Can we therefore not afford this lady and the many other people out there like her… betrayed by Brexit, the opportunity to right this gross injustice?

I say to our leaders, and whomever else happens to read this… that ‘no’ person of good conscience can proceed with Brexit, in any capacity without putting this back to the people, and accepting the need for a People’s Vote and an option to Remain?

After all, this… is what this lady and potentially millions of others would have voted to “Remain,” if they had not been so contemptuously deceived by the Leave Campaign!

So I ask you this… are the Labour & Conservative parties so lacking in principles they mean to continue with a deception that has hurt millions of people and seek some poor fainthearted compromise, which does not fully rectify this injustice… so doing a great disservice to our democracy, and the people of Britain?  

Or do you have the courage to right this injustice and seek a meaningful People’s Vote… with all the necessary options available, including one to Remain? 

* I have taken a choice selection of quote from that great ‘spirit’ Martin Luther King Jr… let us not forget the sacrifices that people such as he made, so that we all may enjoy the ‘rights’ we have today? 

Martin Luther King fought tirelessly to bring people together… not divide us, let us ensure that we are on the “right” side of history!

“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness. ”  

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him it is right.” 

“Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.” 

David Lammy speaks to all across the political divide:

“There comes a time when silence is betrayal…!”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Sean Sebastian White

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Forest Cafe: “True Peace is not merely the absence of tension… it is the presence of Justice!” Nelson Mandela.

The Forest Cafe must stand by the ‘true’ principles it represents… and restore trust.

When I first visited the Forest Cafe, I was blown away by this venue, and the generosity of many of the people, the charity and political work, and not in the least the eccentric art. However what I welcomed most, was what I thought was the cafe’s approach of: ‘tolerance, inclusiveness and fairness!’

Therefore all the more the injustice I felt, for the Forest Cafe to ban me because I challenged politely, although forthrightly… a person who happened to be a member of staff, in respect of having my phone stolen.

This member of staff, who has since left, was acting very suspiciously on the evening in question, and had since been continuously “inconsistent” in respects of what he had said happened at the time.

There was also a stark lack of consistency in his promised efforts to agree to a meeting with me, and try to resolve this? In fact at one point, even asking myself if he could attend a meeting with an intermediary body who work on behalf of the cafe Safer Spaces… a point I nervously agreed with, as I also thought this was the best course of action, and I wished to be fair with him, even if he had not always been with me.

In the event he did not turn up to the meeting, which he then went on to bizarrely or ‘conveniently’ blame myself for… as being another reason as to why I am the one who is a disruptive influence; rather than this person facing the truth, which is his behaviour.

In similar circumstance, I would have understood and respected someone who challenged myself… not in the least because I have nothing to hide, and actually would ‘expect’ and respect anyone to do the same if they had the same concerns about myself… taking an item of their valuables?

However, instead of listening openly to each side, and arbitrate fairly… I was just told to leave by a manager who stepped in at the time, and I feel out of favouritism of who they knew..rather than seeking to do the right thing by the cafe and myself!

Yet, still even years later… this injustice has not been addressed?

To add insult to injury… this ban did not happen over night, but degenerated over a lengthy period of time: arising from a series of untruths, indecisions and myself being dismissed and fobbed off on behalf of the cafe. Not in the least, unfortunately by those members of staff who out of a sense of misplaced loyalty to this person, having at times intentionally misinterpreted my honest desire to resolve the situation.

“Our first loyalty, if we are to be characters of sound judgement… should be to the truth!”

There have been various reasons or rather ‘excuses’ given, but that is precisely what these are… excuses!

It is not strength to abide by a decision, which is unfair and unjust, and to perpetuate a poor mistake absolutely serves no one… not just the person who was on the brunt end of this injustice, but actually the Forest Cafe itself!

Far better… to take this as an opportunity for positive change, and make instead the ‘right’ decision, our own decision, and seek to reverse this gross unfairness and lift this ban?

And I would feel the same… if this situation had happened to anyone including the people and staff at the Forest Cafe, and would equally seek to correct any wrongdoing! This is not about being selfish, but looking at the big picture to the world we all in reality wish to live in. I believe the Forest Cafe, and staff there should seek the courage in truth to do the same, and treat myself as they would wish to be treat? This is true courage, there is no courage in not treating someone fairly and with respect, and refusing to face a problem!

The Forest Cafe is grounded in an ethical ethos, but I do not see this in the way I have been dealt with, and their unwillingness to deal in equal measure the values of fairness and truth.

Once more in respect of the values they speak of and the cafe has a poster on their window, which says precisely this, “Challenge Diversity!”

However with this situation the management at the Forest Cafe has not welcomed the difference, diversity… of an alternative opinion, but has seeked to repress this.

If the Forest Cafe is not prepared to deal with the difficult situations, and fight equally for fairness… then it diminishes the very purpose of the cafe!

If the people who visit the cafe cannot be sure that they will be treat fairly, that the staff will not take sides if a problem arises, close ranks and favour their fellow staff… then how can the community and its customers have trust in the cafe? Where does the Forest stand in the community, if we cannot even trust that the Forest… if a similar incident were to arise – will they not treat others as they have treat myself?

There are ‘some’ people at this centre for the community, who are not reflecting the best of the best values of the cafe! If they cannot live up to the values of the Forest and be consistent in this… then I believe they should be asked to no longer participate, and make way for those who do sincerely have the best interests of the Forest at heart?

I followed through on this protest, not just because this should “never” have happened in the first place and I also admittedly due to the fact I did enjoy going to the Forest, but because of the principle!

The Forest Cafe should uphold its own ‘Principles’ which it is so far failing to do.

The issues arising are:

1) The Forest Cafe must stand by its values and treat those who visit with fairness and a sense of justice… in a manner “they” would wish to be treat. Not behave like some narrow clique that is only for the popular people, which makes a mockery of the poster in their window, which speaks of ‘challenging diversity!’ 

2) Treating people fairly: If someone is upset on the night, taking this into account in respect of their actions and offering compassion and understanding.

3) Treating people with balance in mind? It is clear that some staff members have “blindly” gone along with a poor unjust decision… taking precedent over my own rights to be heard.

*This should not be the case… a person should be treat with the same rights to fairness and justice ‘regardless’ of their position or who they know! This is a very basic tenet of human rights!!!

4) Ensure things are not stolen at the cafe, providing a Safe Space for everyone involved in the cafe?

The inconsistency continued, when later this person who later became a manager for the Forest before leaving, said, ‘he helped me look for the phone on the night this was stolen.’ This certainly was not true, as has been the situation with ‘many’ of the various things he has said.

Another “false” accusation levelled at me… rather than the Forest Cafe managers’ having their courage to fight for the truth and seek a fair solution, is that my peaceful protesting is inconvenient or harassing. The truth should never be merely an inconvenience… many of our basic rights were attained by the right to protest:

“Peaceful protest is not extreme or unlawful; it is a vital part of a democratic society and has a long and respected tradition in this country!” 

*Liberty, Friends of the Earth.

The fact is after I had my phone stolen, I had left this situation initially for nearly an entire year as I was too preoccupied with being homeless… still at this time I was not told this was a ban! I only became aware of this when I tried to return a “significant” time later, despite having left contact with the Forest Cafe for nearly an entire year at one point. This unfortunately speaks of a community cafe, not wishing to deal with the situation, and behaving in a discriminate and abjectly unfair manner.

Nonetheless, I was and am prepared to “forgive… but not forget” because if we forget… then we risk losing the lessons on ‘both’ sides, which can be learnt from this? However, even this attempt at a positive compromise has not been as things presently stand, enough for the cafe.

*** Sorry Forest Cafe, but something untoward happened that night some years ago, which led in part to two years of homelessness for myself, due to important housing contacts being lost with that phone. For this then to lead to a ban… shows a terribly lack of compassion and understanding.

And if the Forest cannot even stand for these intrinsic principles of compassion, fairness, and justice; then what precisely does it stand for?

Pretending that this is just some minor oversight, or worse that this is entirely my own fault… does the cafe and myself a serious disservice!

Does the Forest then on top of all this… wish to compound these gross injustices by in effect standing by this theft, which it is in effect doing when, it unjustly upholds this ban? Better surely to recognise the mistakes on both sides and for ourselves to move forward!

It is not myself who is failing to uphold the values of the Forest. I’ve tried to be fair and just… in all my dealings with the cafe, which on too many occasions is not the way I have been dealt in return by some staff.

The community cafe, has been unwilling to overturn what I see as a huge injustice, and I believe your own customers would… if they knew the truth, wish for the Forest Cafe to make amends!

Someone, has to fight for the ‘true’ values of the Forest Cafe…?

This is not right, and I for one, and I know your customers feel the same… would rightly expect and believe the Forest Cafe to be better than this!

If you were being honest with yourselves about the ‘facts’ of the incident, and what has taken place since… yourselves at the Cafe would also see this as unjust?

I ask that you look to your own conscience please, and be honest as to how you would feel if you had your phone taken under suspicious circumstances, then was banned from the place where you loved to go, simply because you had the courage to raise your voice and speak out?

Particularly, when this is entirely what the Forest Cafe is supposed to stand for!

Also for this then for this to contribute towards 2 years homelessness…?

And… to put a falsehood to bed, at no point in the last few years have I have been intransigent in respect of the Forest and myself resolving these problems, and would ask that we come together to do please?

The Forest is not just a cafe, it represents a set of the highest values, which must be maintained and respected for customers, staff and management alike!

Therefore I request that the Forest Cafe truly represent and stand by its own beliefs… respect the diversity, which you yourselves say the cafe espouses, and therefore have the courage to correct this severe injustice…?

A person having their phone stolen from the cafe, and then being banned due to challenging politely a member of staff in respect of this, which as I said led to a stint of two years homelessness… this is not what the cafe must represent!  The staff at the cafe then going onto to compound this injustice… by repeatedly refusing to make amends, forgive, move on and overturn this gross injustice of a ban – this does the true values of the cafe a great disservice!

The Forest Cafe deserves the best from those who say they speak for the cafe and its customers, and frankly… if the managers are not representing the best interests of the cafe, they need to have a change of heart, or move on themselves?

That’s a matter for them, and their consciences? However, no person’s ego should come before what is in the best interests of the Forest Cafe and its customers.

Ultimately, the people who run the Forest Cafe must be democratically elected for these to be fairly accountable to our community, which they after all, let’s not forget, they are there to serve!

As the situation stands at the moment, this is far from I believe representing the best interests of the Forest. I think if the people and staff care for the café and its integrity with the same passion I do myself, then we will be able find a solution that remains true to the spirit of this very special venue…?

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One World…

We live in the West, which is supposedly the… First World.

 But condemn many of our own citizens who dwell in our midst to live in the… Third World.          

 Poverty, food banks, homelessness… deprivation.

 When justice comes at a cost… a premium, and is not open to all, then is it really in truth… justice? 

 In truth humanity can never hope to be truly happy until we all live as one, ‘together…’ in the… One World!

Sebastian White

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Stephen Fry & Pussy Riot had urged David Cameron & the… International Community To Ban Russia From Hosting the Winter Olympics Over Political Repression of People’s Rights!

The International Olympic Committee - is a travesty, and a betrayal of the values to which it should espouse, and represent... 'with' a sincere sense of integrity openness , and most of all freedom...
The International Olympic Committee is a travesty, in its betrayal of the ‘values’ to which it should espouse, and represent, with a sincere sense of: integrity, openness, but…
most importantly – freedom!

Author Note: In light of the indiscriminate action of the Russian Government against Ukraine it seems more poignant than ‘ever’ that we should have taken action, some time back… and boycotted these Olympics!

The recent controversy surrounding the Russia’s Winter Olympics… not to mention continuing complaints as to the damage the construction work has contributed to the environment, and the races indigenous to the area of the development! Also, the Russian’s Parliament’s recent introduction of homophobic legislation; this makes it a moral imperative, that we take an equally strong stance against this country’s increasing anti-democratic governance.

In its all too familiar attempts to subvert the truth – the Russian Regime is carrying out a further systematic  crackdown on the freedom of the press in the country:

~Russia Silencing Journalists.

After all, Greece is actually not only the home of the Olympic Games, but it is also the original birthplace of democracy… but ‘every’ time the International Olympic Committee  – are morally required to take a stance for what is ‘right…’ instead they seek to pitifully  absolve themselves of responsibility!

But the Olympic Movement… in too many respects… has not been the ‘flag ship’  for democracy throughout recent history – it should have been… harking right back to even the Black Civil Rights Movement  in America; particularly the incident, which took place at the 1968 games, which absolutely epitomises the International Olympic Committee’s crass adherence to convention, and their overt misplaced concern that the Olympic Games has an easy  ride – at the expense of what should be the more important priority, the principle of courage,  and those who seek to stand for what they passionately believe in,  which is of course , actually the values the Games should truly  represent!

As you can see in this article:

Black America will Understand…

The Olympic Committee spokesman, said of these brave men’s gesture: “this a deliberate and violent breach of the fundamental principles of the Olympic spirit.”

This is a absolute nonsense… the spirit of the Olympics should be ‘first’ and “foremost” the promotion of democracy, truth and the right to the peoples of the world to – freedom of expression. Whatever, the colour, race, religious belief, or of course ‘their sexual orientation!’

These are the “principles” the Olympic Movement… should be upholding, not in effect ‘colluding’ with the “blatant” prejudice and discrimination, which too many power corrupt regimes  of these countries are subjecting upon their ‘own’ people, and also therefore the… global community!

The Russian Regime is corrupt…  the false pretender President – Putin is  guilty of carrying out ‘all manner’ of abuses – against the people of Russia, from imprisonment to torture and murder!

# Here is a considerably lengthy  compendium – of the corrupt Regime’s abuse of power, and why we should ‘all’ be concerned about… the country, which is after all is still  – the second… in fact some would argue is ‘the’ biggest  – nuclear power in the world:

Mikhail Khodorkovsky,  arrested on “trumped” up charges of fraud, when he had challenged Putin the previous year about corruption in Russia, and actively supported & funded those who opposed the regime. As well, as many other brave individuals have fallen under Putin’s shadow. Yet we in the West we barely do anything, increasing the blood on our own hands. When Khodorkovsky was arrested we should have imposed some level of sanctions – then, instead of allowing Putin’s corrupt regime to remove dissent, and increase its power base, in the ten years – since.

He was arrested on 25 October 2003, to appear before investigators as a “witness,”  so right from the outset in this case, the Russian Authorities  behaved abhorrently dishonestly, and on a decidedly false pretence… as within hours of initially supposedly appearing as a witness, he was being taken into custody, and was charged with fraud:






Not forgetting of course… those outstandingly brave girls in Pussy Riot,  who since being shamefully and falsely imprisoned, have been assaulted and hospitalised for being overworked – at the jail they were in:


In fact what the girls are in reality having to endure amounts to little short of – torture. I just wish the women, and men – of the West, but particularly perhaps the women of Western Europe… not in the least Britain – would realise what is actually at stake, and how much they risk squandering – when they do not choose to fully  fight for and progress their own rights, in a manner, which respects all of us… as equals. 

We must demonstrate the same spirit  and bravery Pussy Riot have, and equally those courageous others around the world – if we are ever to win ‘true’ freedom!!! 


Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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A Time… to a Seize the Chance for Change!

Take Courage, and Seize the Future!
Take Courage, and Seize the Future!

“My… country, right or wrong” is a thing that no patriot would think of saying except in a desperate case. It is like saying, “My mother, drunk or sober.”   G.K Chesterton

This is not a moment to be cynical… but to take the opportunity,  and to learn from the past; create a better future… as Dr John Davies expounded on his Scottish Independence in his speech:

“This is for the whole of mankind an inspiring example of a country inhabited by people basing their nationality, on civic  rather than ethnic identity.”

For any country in the world…  to base its values on those of principle, rather than merely what has gone before, this is certainly always a good thing!

 However nevertheless, personally… I do not wish to be part of a country, which thinks it even remotely acceptable that one million people visit food banks, and at the same time, we have more billionaires  per head of the population than anywhere in the world!

Or where the richest “1%” percent of Britain’s own the same amount of wealth as the entire bottom 54%  of the population. Although I refer to the term bottom  54% this of course staggeringly represents the ‘majority’ of our population, who are surviving from barely the crumbs, which happened to have fallen from the table of those at the very top.

 The Positive Future we could Seize…

The economy: We should be braver in respect of our currency concern, actually the
“Pound Scots” 
was the unit of currency in the Kingdom of Scotland before the kingdom united with England in 1770!

Can we ‘Scotland’ afford to be an independent country…

 “Edinburgh” is actually the richest city in the British Isles per head of population ‘not’ London, where there is more money generated but also has far more poverty and depravation!

 There is also a number of little told side to the economic story…

 By itself… Scotland, as an independent country rises  up many economic tables.

Also Scotland only spends 9.2% of the national average, but the country earns 9.9% therefore every person would be £800 a year better off in an independent country!

We also must ask ourselves do we also wish to accept the miserable record of inequality in Britain…? A testament to the divisive policies of ‘decades’  of Westminster Governments, under the Conservative, Liberal Democrats, and Labour?

Holding out for a Labour victory at the next election, well this same party has still allowed the crass ‘class distinction’ between those with  extend in the last 40 years! 

In fact it could safely be argued that we cannot afford to ‘not’ to be independent, when you consider we spend £127 per second on loans  Scotland did not take out, as you can read from this source:

The environment: We lead the world  in respect of renewable energy,  and countries from across the planet are investing in us, in fact we are hailed in many respects the… Silicon Valley of Renewables!

I wish those who are in a position of responsibility such as celebrities… would be aware of the historical facts before commenting on Scotland’s future. As Malcolm X   exclaimed in his renowned speech:

“We did not so much land on Plymouth Rock… Plymouth Rock landed  on us!”

They are the sentiments of many people living in Scotland; however when some misinformed celebrity, who I respect in many ways claims we should grateful for the Union, and being born English I am not particularly proud of my prior country.

The truth is, I love  England, but this is precisely  the reason why I am so unhappy with the actual direction the Westminster Government is taking, the austerity measures, which the Liberal Democrats did not believe in, until they had they took the opportunity power over principle, the attacks on our welfare system, and the underhand, but systematic attacks on our NHS, and the entire ravaging of the social fabric of British society.

Neither is it unpatriotic for someone born English to vote for independence!  The Union as it stands, from my perspective is more akin to an abusive relationship, where one partner dominates over the interests of the other. At the very best there are elements of co-dependency, which does not make for a healthy relationship, and in reality this is neither in the interests of Scotland or England!

Far better that we go it alone, and set an example for England, and instead represent those more noble traits of humanity, fairness,  and compassion and demonstrate how much better in reality things can, and actually should be. Otherwise there is little point in being alive, if we are merely struggling for money.

In this, as in everything in life people… Scottish and British alike, we should seek to…

Be your own heroes…?

Unlike others perhaps, I will admit there is some economic risk; however personally I would rather seize this opportunity… than live my life in regret!

And if you still have reservations, as to which way to vote… ask yourself these questions. Of the two camps yes and no,  of these, who demonstrates the most sincere passion, humour, zest for life, and vision in the future? Which of these two positions enthuses your own  heart… 

Whose argument, is based on hope,  and not fear?

Take courage, cast aside your doubts, and place your belief in those far more worthy and treasured of values: in hope for the future,  for your children,  and for your… country!

We deserve better…

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Are we supposed to trust a “Westminster Government,” which…???

Things can be 'different' even perhaps... "better?"
Things can be ‘different’ even perhaps… “better!”

Are we supposed to trust  a Westminster Government, which has cut benefits for the sick, and disabled, have allowed ‘food poverty…’ a fundamental human right – to actually increase a staggering… “100 000’s fold?”

A Conservative Government, which says it will be the greenest yet, then has cut subsidies for Green Energy Alternatives,  and not to mention ‘fracking which has been proven to at times – create earthquakes… and poisons the groundwater we live  from, for thousands of years! Not to mention, it is also linked to reduced health, including respiratory problems, for those people to have the misfortunate, to be living in close proximity to a fracking site!

A policy, which I feel in reality actually  verges on the insane!

Not to mention the ‘huge’ social inequalities under this Government, as I said they are quite prepared to remove someone’s sickness benefit, resulting in people at least  a few dozen by the latest estimates… committing suicide, or dying  of starvation or belatedly on a hospital beds, after receiving a letter from the DWP expounding how they are ‘fit for work,’  both are cases which ‘have’  actually unfortunately happened, and too many times!

*Scottish father’s son suicide after ATOS test….

 However they then allow hunting rifles for the “elite plutocrats”  to be subsidised by the taxpayer to the tune of £150’s ‘each!’

All this, ‘and’ we have more billionaires  in this country ‘per head of population’ than “anywhere” in the world, but Westminster allows grinding poverty, which affects the wellbeing of children, and in reality
our entire  society!

It was a while ago I composed this, however lucklessly  this is still very relevant, gives a broader picture in respect of the gross inequalities, which blight our society:

The crass inequality, which exists in Britain today…

And let us be honest, the Government cannot even stick to its own manifesto proposals! Take for instance the Liberal Democrats, and their stance originally ‘against’ austerity, then when they had a chance of power… not to mention their full U-Turn  on tuition fees.

~Personally, I do not feel there is much purpose of power… in ‘any’ place in life, if you have lost those most meaningful of all things principles,  which motivated a party to try make positive use of this position, and therefore make a meaningful difference! They at best merely represent a cheap shadowed parody of what they were, at the worst  they are actually contributing to the policies, and problems which they initially strove to challenge.

Also there is another side to this story, in which if we proposed to get rid of Trident, this will save us “billions!” Not only that, but this opens up an opportunity for huge investment and growth, as you can see from this Twitter…

#YESFACT: Potential Jobs Boost for Firth of Clyde.

This will potentially create thousands of jobs, and further create additional revenue in the millions, if not… billions!

Please ‘think’ and see the situation for what it is. There are some disadvantages, but “YES….”
in stark comparison to what Scotland in reality potentially stands to gain…???

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Stout of Heart… 

Not many people know… when the world was but young, it was inhabited, by all manner of mythical creatures...
Not many people know… when the world was but young,
it was inhabited by all manner of mythical creatures!

N ot many people know… when the world was but young, it was inhabited, by all manner of mythical creatures.

S pirits dwelt everywhere  and in everything from the valleys to the mountains, from the woodlands, to the rolling forests… to even the rivers, and the babbling brooks.

         Nevertheless, the fairies – unlike the mischievous spirits, did not live within  things but on a mystical plain, just beyond the sight of man. When, on the briefest of occasions the material world of men collided… with that of the fairy folk, for good or ill, this was perchance how fairy tales came into being.

            Here unfolds one such story…

O n a dark and stormy night, a devoted father was returning home from his distant travels, with a present for his son: a parcel – securely tucked under his arm, a toy soldier in a small juniper-wood box, loosely sealed with an elaborately tied… crimson red ribbon.

           The wind blew driving rain – hard against his face, cloak flapping wildly in the gale, sweeping behind him in a darksome black curtain, as lightening cracked… sending jagged edges, across a dark boiling foreboding sky.

            After a time… he came across an ancient, gnarled and rickety wooden bridge.

            However, as his horse nervously began its passage upon this… the bridge started to rock unnaturallyincreasingly alarming the devoted hard pressed – father. He struggled with his stead, as it reared… ferociously clawing at the air, very nearly flinging him from the narrow span of the bridge; wrestling vainly with the stricken mount, he attempted to steady the horse, but as he did so, their windswept, and besodden father – let loose of his precious cargo, and the parcel fell… tumbling from his hands.

             Over the bridge the box toppled… falling,  and spinning  wildly in the air; down and down it tumbled, falling further  and further,  for what had seemed like an age beyond eternity! Before finally landing – open, on the bare sandy bank of the river… far below the ramshackle bridge.

T he little toy soldier was not aware of how long he lad lain there: perhaps days, weeks… perhaps even months! Time seemed to hold no meaning for him in that tiny wooden box.

             Then one such day he heard a voice, however… barely more than a whisper, arising from the gently flowing river, “Little soldier, are you lost?” it appeared to taunt.

              He glanced around alarmed,Whom-so-ever goes there?”  he demanded, trying as hard as he might, to hide his astonishment.

             “Look here, deep into my waters… within!”  replied the mysterious voice.

             The soldier peered cautiously into the clear running blue brook, only to see to his amazement a mocking face hovering there, reflected, peering back at him. Its features were fluid, as ephemeral as the water; nevertheless – through this… beneathhe could not fail to see the countless pebbles, which lay shifting relentlessly… restlessly, on the river bed.

              “Who are you?” he enquired alarmed.

               “Who else?  But the spirit of the gully,” gurgled the unearthly voice -mockingly, “and rest assured… I mean to bring this bridge crashing down – along with all those who are foolhardy enough to trespass upon it!” he threatened in dark foreboding tones. “It was not by mere accident… the bridge trembled and shook that day, and you ended here… marooned on my river bank!

                 “Watch my work… little soldier!” insisted the clear crystal blue face… ominously.

                 It was at that precise moment… the soldier heard the slow heavy clopping of hooves on the bridge above him. A farmer and his family, were gradually pulling an old cart over the rickety wooden bridge, drawn by a rather scrawny looking horse; the mare’s ribs – poking through its brown dowdy coat.

                 The spirit roared, “I shall smash this bridge to splinters,  and doom those who dare  to cross… to plunge to their watery graves!”

                 True to the spirit’s word… the waters began to rise rapidly against the ancient timber supports, lashing and crashing with force against the unstable beams. The bridge began to shudder and shake violently under the weight of the impending surge.

                 The farmer grimly tried to rein in his horse, as it screamed… scrambling for footing on the wooden planks, while his wife and children could do very little… panicking in their fear.

                “I shall not permit this to happen!” retorted the little toy soldier. Purposefully he strode forward – boldly standing under the bridge, and defiantly propping up the bending shafts, with all the might he could muster.

                “Little soldier, you cannot stay there forever.”

 “I shall stay here forever and a day, until the end of all eternity… if needs be!”
he stated determinedly.

                  This angered the gully spirit greatly, as he pushed his raging waters – yet riding still  higher against the little toy soldier! The waters splashed over his head in flowing raging torrents, sweeping around his broad, but tiny shoulders. However, no matter how much it tried… the spirit could not budge him. And all the whilst… the farmer and his family – struggled valiantly across the creaking bridge, before finally – with relief, reaching the safety of the far side!

D ays passed, and on every occasion a traveller tried to traverse the rickety wooden bridge – the gully spirit roared its anger, and once more its ferocious treacherous waters rose… tearing  against the ancient bridge’s creaking beams. But each  and every  time, the soldier held absolutely steadfast… unfaltering in his resolve.

S easons turned… hot scorching summers, were followed by … bitingly cold – bleak snow driven winters. The little soldier’s paint work, became chipped and faded, but still he held firm against the spirit’s wrath, remaining strong and true to his word.

                  In fraught desperation the spirit trawled its depths to find curiosities to tempt the soldier: it brought forth pearls from fresh water oysters, which rolled upon its sandy and pebbled bed; lost rusted sabres – shattered and discarded from battles… long since forgotten – their opulent hilts encrusted with blood red rubies; even… bulging treasure chests, from sunken pirate ships, which had sat for centuries… decaying on the bed of the expansive creek.

                  But the brave little soldier held true,I shall stay here forever and a day, until the end of all eternity… if needs be!”

W ord spread amongst the creatures, which inhabited the woods of the riverbank, of the little toy soldier’s act of valour. The little toy soldier – who actually dared to stand against the wicked, spirit of the gully! Until, a time came when the talk actually finally reached the mystical…
Realm of the Fairies.

I t  was but one chill night, just after dusk had fallen, the little soldier yet again heard the slow grating of the old wooden joists. Above him, he was astonished to witness: a Princess passing over in a glorious golden coach, with a splendid procession of guards escorting her. The guards all wore splendid armour of finely burnished brass and glistening silver, which strikingly caught the glow of the pale moonlight.

                  In stark contrast however, the Princess’s mood was solemn in her coach. Soon her father, the King wished her to marry, but none of her numerous suitors had the bravery and strength of spirit, she dearly desired of her… one true love.  It weighed heavy on the Princess’s mind – as the royal party passed over, the creaking rickety wooden bridge.

                    Nevertheless, far below, the spirit of the gully… saw his opportunity and swept against the posts, as wave after wave lapped over the toy soldier… the bridge shook and shuddered in its wake. The gallant knights struggled in their saddles, and many a number were thrown from their horses, but still the little soldier stood firm, tensing himself – against all the wrath and fury the spirit might muster!

                     Then alas the fairies… having taken pity on the toy soldier, cast a spell and by an enchantment carried on the breeze – the Princess heard for the first time the taunts of the evil gully spirit and the battle beneath the bridge,  which had been waged over, and over again…
for what seemingly passed as an age beyond measure.

                     “Little toy soldier, you shall be washed away!” threatened the spirit, darkly.

                      But the soldier only replied, “You cannot move me. I shall stay here forever and a day, until the end of all eternity… if needs be!”

                       The Princess’s heart was moved by these words… and she commanded her troop of knights to stop! Peering over the bridge, she beheld the little toy soldier standing at the base of the bridge – stoically holding the beams… fast and resolute; even as the fiendish gully spirit, taunted and relentlessly tugged at him… with its shimmering watery arms.

                       “Little soldier,” she harked, “why do you brace this bridge so?”

                        “For the gully spirit, seeks to wash this bridge away and all who pass over her… my lady,” replied the stout little soldier earnestly.

                         Then on the wind, the fairies in a soft whisper called to him and spoke thus, “Step away – let go of thy burden, your task is complete! Fear not, the bridge shall not fall – ye who is… without  doubt the ‘stoutest in heart’ amongst all warriors!”

                          With a great effort, and a sense of apprehension – the little toy soldier unclenched his dank wet moss covered hands from the wooden beams, which he had held for what had seemed… so terribly long.

                        As he stepped forward, the very air swam and filled with what appeared to be the lights of a thousand dancing fireflies. In a flash, the beams of the bridge magically lifted knitting together, repairing themselves – in midair. He was astounded to find himself – suddenly, no longer standing on the banks of the river, but up upon the now… sparkling polished rafters of the wooden bridge, itself.

                       Neither was he, any more – just a little toy soldier, but a man a real  Man, wearing his gleaming soldier’s red uniform, with shiny brass buttons and proud standing hat.

                       The Princess looked upon the tall dashing soldier, only to discover her heart… instantly stolen.

S oon they were wed… and the people of the kingdom rejoiced; finally their Princess… had found the true love of her dreams. And through the little soldier’s gallant feat… the Princess when she became Queen, sat with her King at her side – ruling their fair land with courage and wisdom.

                        Her Kingwho was once had been: nothing more – than a little toy soldier, in a box tied loosely with a ribbon of the deepest crimson; who had lain… all but lost and forgotten, on the sandy banks of a river!

Y ou may as to wonder… what happened to the spiteful spirit of the gully? It is held in truth… the fairies in their eminent displeasure – punished him for his misdeeds, by cracking the earth and banishing him to the netherworld, from where he whence.

                        And it is told…

                      Where, he is still remarked to be… even to this very day!


                                                                                      THE END


                                                                                                                              Sebastian White

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A celebration of National Poetry Day…

A dance that could have lasted, long... Until the breaking. dawn
A dance that could have lasted, long…
Until the breaking dawn.

  Modern Unrequited Love

We met……

On the ground I once scorned.

A dance that could have lasted, long

Until the breaking dawn

A powerful kiss

Brave and full

Un-tethered emotions

Force flooding through.


Fervourous excitement,

A picture not seen,

A carriage awaiting

No horses to lead

Only the cry of the coachman

And the pelt of his feet

The lanterns twinkle

As we departed the scene.


A promise whispered

A wish never fulfilled

A passion stirred

Satisfaction never known.


 A song misunderstood

My creed I belong

My devotion is total

No distractions, barr one!


But it must end

Nothing is lost

The memories… stay,

       Glittering diamonds in the depths…

    Of a shimmering lake.

                                                                                   Sebastian White            

                                                                                                     Copyright 10.03.05

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Nasa ‘Actually’ Plans To Lasso Asteroid “Closer” To Earth….

***Sounds like a ‘herculean’ task of…  almost “monumental” proportions!

Demanding the ‘undivided’ attentions of that ‘most’ dynamic of all  duos… introducing – from that eminent  classic…”Toy Story!”

Who else?

But none other… than those masterfully, and admittedly at times ‘madcap,’ but nevertheless heroic heroes: “Woody the Cowboy, & Buzz Lightyear!!!”

*If any further explanation could ‘possibly’ be required?

Buzz could fly the ‘space-horse,’ while Woody – would throw the rope, forthwith “lassoing” said… bucking wayward-bound, and somewhat frolicsome  – asteroid.

As the boys would redoubtably proclaim – to the university at large:


NASA’s, new… first-ever robotic mission to visit a large near Earth Asteroid!

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Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt “Bans…” Gagging NHS ‘Whistleblowers!’.

Whistleblowers are Heroes
Whistle blowers bring much needed honesty, and transparency into the dark places of ‘any and all’ organisations; this is a gesture of courage, which should be respected, and most certainly…  protected!

The move some time back by this Government – to prevent the notorious gagging orders… should be welcomed. To criticise this move regardless of its merits, because it has been enacted by an unpopular Coalition… is as misguided in many respects, as the multitude of actual ill conceived polices, this Government “has” undoubtedly enforced!

We must not judge all politicians – as the same, for our convenience, whatever their allegiance or whichever persuasion they happen to be. In effect this is ‘as’ mistaken – as staunchly following a party ‘blindly’ and all its varying manifesto of its policies, whether they are right or not, regardless of what sense they actually make!

People should ‘objectively’ look at each policy and view it in context of what is best for the world, mankind, and ultimately their country, and by consequence society.

In this case, whatever  reason the Government have banned gagging orders preventing whistle blowers from speaking out, from within the NHS; the point is – this ‘is’ the right thing to do!

Ultimately rather than criticising the moves of individual parties, and labelling all politicians as untrustworthy; if people are looking for ‘long term’ & meaningful change, then this will only ever take place… when there is a “fundamental” and ‘wholehearted’ reform of our electoral system, and therefore my preference is to choose for forging a better future: Proportional Representation  as the most ‘accountable and transparent’ of the varying forms of electing – what are after all are…
our  representatives!

More on NHS

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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*Groundhog ‘Death Penalty’ calls – after Punxsutawney Phil – fails quite miserably… to predict the year’s ahead weather!

Phil… oversized malicious rodent person – thing. Don’t let the cuteness beguile you!

*Shootings ‘too’ good for the “over-sized” rodent!

Can I suggest a verdict of being ‘hung, drawn and quartered,’ or alternatively sent to a Siberian Labour Camp,  which particularly specializes in the conversion of rats into hats or perhaps… ‘woodchucks’ into trucks?

Also, I’d like to add – the American People demanded a birth certificate from their own “President” – Barak Obama; I think in consideration of the fact that Punxsutawney Phil – is supposedly “124” years old, and in light of his other ‘numerous’ and “spurious” claims, that proof of this be made immediately available, forthwith?

Nevertheless, may I hazard ‘Punxsutawney Phil, that he professing he can “only” allegedly speak: Groundhogese actually can in no  way… does this constitute, even remotely a reasonable defence!

Also, I beg the question, how was he able to convey this sentiment, in the first place?

*It’s the ‘gallows’  for you… you furry ball of chaotic mishap, and errant mis-prediction!

PS: I witnessed your escapades in that notorious documentary: ‘Groundhog Day,’ and without any reservation whatsoever… I can say you should be forthwith indicted for charges of driving without due care and diligence,  and subsequently catapulting that poor boy Bill Murray into a life of delinquency!’

<<< “Throws the book – at Punxsutawney Phil.”

Well it seems the only ‘decent’ thing to do?

After-all he’s certainly going to need something to stand upon – considering his diminished and vertically challenged stature when he’s in the dock – baring those voracious and formidably protruding buck-teeth to the world.

These are without the merest shadow of a doubt, certainly the distinct characteristics of a villain if I ever saw one!!!

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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Pick-up-a… Pick-up-a… ‘apparently’ a “Cosmic-Penguin?”.

Captain Jean Luc Picard... knew the Starship Enterprise, had discovered a unique phenomena, whey they stumbled across a 'giant galactic penguin!' Albeit,  he lamented... with no sight of his favourite brew - a cup of Earl Grey!
Captain Jean Luc Picard… knew the Starship Enterprise, had discovered a unique phenomena:
when they happened to stumble across a ‘giant galactic penguin!’
Albeit, he lamented alas…with evidently no discernable sight of his favourite tipple –
‘nothing less’ – than a piping hot cup of alluring… “Earl Grey!”

They may have coined the phrase the ‘Cosmic Penguin,’ for this astounding visage… but it hardly rolls off the proverbial tongue – now does it?

“ *As you can see – here… we have the spectacular sight of the magnificent…
‘interstellar constellations’ of: “

              ‘Taurus the Steadfast Bull; Leo the Brave and Fearless Lion; Scorpio… determined and reputedly the most #sexual of all the star signs,  and of course not forgetting – our most recently discovered edition to these heavenly bodies… the Perilous Penguin of Perpetuity : beware its floppy webbed feet, its inexhaustible predilection for krill, ‘and’ its predisposition for…
errrr  – falling over! ‘

              # This… I can ‘personally’ attest to of course… myself being a Scorpio – an’ all!

Disclaimer: # Sexual of all the star signs   This comment is ‘solely’ the opinion of the writer, and has not been affirmed by any  hitherto – present, prior or some other inconceivable daft bat;  who may be unfortunate enough to ‘date’ the author… in the present, foreseeable; ooooh, let’s be honest – ‘very’  distant future… I mean we’re talking: time travel, and quantum singularities  ‘ere!

Read more at the HuffPost…

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Syria Uprising: We may cast a critical eye on the ‘human rights’ abuses of the First… and Second World Wars; however ‘we’ similarly neglect – to take action to prevent… crimes against humanity, which in many respects amounts to –nothing short of genocide!

The lies we tell ourselves to allow ourselves to feel - comfortable, while 'innocents' die
The lies we tell ourselves to feel comfortable, while ‘innocents’ die… “murdered” by cruel barbaric regimes!

‘ It’s nothing to do with us…’  “apparently!”

How can we utter these monotonous narratives…   when ‘children’ are being forced to fight, because they and actually their families are struggling to survive, and facing the stark alternatives of being massacred, or imprisoned, tortured, and all the countless other crimes perpetrated against the people of Syria?

Under such circumstances, having the stark choice of placing a gun in your child’s hands… is far better than that child facing these possible alternatives.

Our right to be “free” is intrinsic and fundamental to ourselves as human beings, and we feel a need to fight for this right with our lives if necessary!

Nevertheless ‘far’ too many people when it comes to the Syrian War have a denial of the facts and an attitude of:

          “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil!”

And instead of rightly being appalled at the plight of the Syrian People, and the subsequent lengths they have to resort to – merely to survive, because we  are allowing  for this state of affairs to continue, and indeed in fact – deteriorate; I have actually heard on the contrary –  people crassly describing these brave citizens of Syria as terrorists…  which is the precise reason… I felt compelled to write this article.

Indeed, I think it would be another matter entirely… if it were people’s own  children, and ‘their’ families, who were being persecuted – instead,here ‘ in the comparatively comfortable and safe West!

If we are not prepared to care enough… to protect the rights and freedoms of others, then we are actually – equally…  not valuing our own rights, and by default – taking these for granted; therefore… as a consequence, we risk the demise of our very own liberties.

# In fact a report has stated in respect of the five year battle for liberation – the Syrian conflict was “disturbingly unique” in its deliberate targeting of children,  warning that ‘no child was now safe.’

My criticism of the “no war brigade” is that they utter this mantra ‘whatever’ the circumstances… and it is reflects a position of… I couldn’t care less  masquerading as moral stance!

Too often, in regard to this topic, I see ‘over-riding’ ignorance prevailing of the reality of how this conflict came to pass with initially children scrawling anti-Assad graffiti, and being captured and tortured by Government troop… then peaceful protests arising as a response, and these protesters being fired on by the Assad Regime with gunships!

As we see Samantha Cameron  visiting Lebanon – in the HuffPost article link at the end of this piece, I would ask please for: ‘ Less words, and “more” action? ‘ We ‘should’ at the very least  instigate a “No Fly Zone” over Syria, and ‘neutralize’ once and for all…  the advantage of ‘air capability,’ this repressive undemocratic regime – has over those “many” who sincerely desire, and are fighting with their lives – for the freedom of Syria!

The development of Assad Regime: using gas nerve agent against civilians… including “426 children,” let us not delude ourselves – these are no worse than any of the other heinous crimes committed during the First and Second World Wars… alarmingly similar in fact to the ‘millions’  of Jews gassed in concentration camps…  because we ‘chose’ not to act or certainly – soon enough!

The ‘world’ at the time promised  they would not “ever” again stand by, and watch… while such atrocities are perpetrated, but seemingly – we are!

When we do not stand shoulder to shoulder… with those in desperate need, and are not prepared to defend their rights… we actually risk demeaning our own.

            More on UK NEWS Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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Syria Dossier’s: Inaction will give the ‘green light’ to the Assad Regime to carry out – yet more atrocities!

Ahmed-syria-napalm school 2013 Labour No Vote!
The very same day in 2013, after the British Parliament’s disgraceful voted ‘no’ to taking military action, in particular the Labour Party… when this was placed before the Commons. Then in a snub to international opinion, and ‘basic’ humanitarian rights… a “primary school” in the North of the country was ‘napalmed’ by Syrian force’s jets. What you see above is the result of this! Would Assad have gone ahead with the airstrike if parliament had voted yes to military action, I genuinely believe he would not have, and those children would be alive now! Ultimately a “No Fly Zone” alone would have prevented ‘millions’ of people suffering with barely any risk to our own troops.

~ Over… potentially a thousand: Men, women, and children,  have been cruelly killed by a ‘gas’ attack in Syria on Wednesday 21st of August, and this is indeed… an exceptionally – terrible way to die!

         Yet still even now… too many of the British ‘public,’ and elsewhere in the Western World, refute the need to take firm, and decisive  military action against the Syrian Regime!

          Those people who object to ourselves intervening, can we take it, in this case – that they would also have stood by during the ‘Second World War…’ when it came to the Jewish  people being “gassed,” in their millions – in the Nazi concentration camps? Because I… for one, do not see the difference… if you think there is, then you are evidently in denial – as to in real reality , and the dire dangers the people of Syria have in fact… been facing ‘every’ single day, for nearly three years; who let us not forget… and I know many people conveniently wish to do, but the Syrian people on mass  first began to fight for their freedom, by protesting… “peacefully!!!”

           There are far too many people speaking “blindly…” repeating the cliché mantra of – ‘no war!’ Do these individuals think the Syrian People like – war… absolutely not!  War was forced upon them, when they – stood up bravely… to speak out for the same freedoms, these people who wish ‘selfishly’ not to take action to defend the liberties of others… apparently take for granted!

*In conclusion: to deny what is actually happening in Syria – now, can be considered no better, and as misguided – in attitude  than those who were the at ‘best’ were described as the “holocaust deniers…” of the Second World War!

People are concerned in respect of taking military action, but if Assad were to succeed… if we are to learn a lesson from history, then we can expect that the President will launch a wholesaler massacre on his enemies… as his father committed with the city of Hama, which he flattened killing “20 000” people!

           At the very worst… this is an exercise in selfish self indulgent denial…  by those who are seemingly prepared to stand by, while men, woman and ‘children’ – are slaughtered! 

 ” If we do not learn from the lessons of history… we are doomed to repeat them! “

My final summary on this article: We did not learn the mistakes of history and although the exceptionally brave Syrian people fought for 7 years by 2018… close to winning victory with the near fall of Damascus. President Assad instead asked for Putin’s help, and they together took much of Syria back, bombing bakeries, schools and hospitals, torturing and maiming the children of Syria.

Idlib is the last place to hold out, and it took Turkey to stand up to these cruel regimes of Assad’s and Putin’s to save this last stronghold of the Free Syrian Army. If we, the West had intervened at the time and Westminster had instead voted “yes” to military action… ‘hundreds of thousands’ of people would have been saved, and Syria by now would be a free stable country!

Additionally, this victory would have brought stability and democracy to much of the Middle East such as Libya, Iraq and perhaps even Turkey?

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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Nothing less than perhaps the very: ‘ Bear Necessities… ‘ of life?

Yogi Bear...  Runs amok - having depleted his last - picnic hampers!
Yogi Bear: Runs amok, having depleted the very last of the…
Yellow Stone’s Park’s tourists’ reserves… of ‘picnic hampers!’

~ Click the image above to watch the Video, and the links ‘below…’ one of which, connects with our favourite inimitable character: ‘Baloo’ from that classic… “Jungle Book!”    * Witness him swing – and indeed… ‘scat’ with redoubtable style and panache – all in the very same jaunty routine!

However, I cannot think why this Colorado restaurant, which specialises in German cuisine – 
is growling,  like the proverbial… bear with a sore head?’

#  This particular Grizzly is after all… I suspect, just ensuring he is gathering – in his rummaging, nothing short of the: ‘Bear Necessities!’

On a personal note: I’ve really acquired something of an inclination towards having my own pet:
Grizzly Bear… “ or giraffe, or perhaps an armadillo… there happens actually to be a particularly  fetching, although – irate example of one these critters… in my rather zany children’s book title: Quirky Claus!

However, I haven’t quite decided yet, which of these furry, and scaled, indeed a veritable – menagerie of options…  to actually plump for.

~ All donations towards this intrepid, and noble endeavour… will  be ‘gratefully’ received?

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As Nelson Mandela dies… the historical leader of the anti-apartheid movement – who bravely fought his own battles… in his latter days with his legacy of respiratory problems; how does his legacy compare with Margaret Thatcher’s… who many believe was a tacit supporter, in her polices – at least, of the South African racist Regime?

*Thoughts: On the passing of Nelson Mandela, and his longevity... in outliving one of his fiercest critics - Mrs Thatcher, albeit struggling greatly in the latter stages of his life, and their 'starkly' contrasting contributions... to 'our' society, and in fact - the world!
 Add Media *Thoughts: On the passing of Nelson Mandela, and his longevity… in outliving one of his fiercest critics – Mrs Thatcher, albeit struggling greatly in the latter stages of his life, and their ‘starkly’ contrasting contributions… to ‘our’ society, and in fact – the world!

In the wake of Nelson Mandela’s passing… and his memorial service – I believe it is time to consider the of this great man, and one of his notorious counterparts.

# Nevertheless, it is better I feel… to allow people to arrive at their ‘own’ conclusions in regard to what… Margaret Thatcher’s legacy – should actually be?

However, for my own part, I do wonder if there is a sense of…  poetic justice?

Nelson Mandela – the man she actually branded a terrorist, who had his own health scare only recently and who has been struggling greatly since, but appeared for a time – to be on the mend, before ultimately taking his final bow.

He had nevertheless – outlived our own prior Prime Minister…. Mrs Thatcher!

Whom I believe – in effect, at the very “least” actually gave ‘tacit’ support… to racism and segregation in South Africa – by continuing to do business – as usual, with this regime; when decisive action  was required – not a state of at the very ‘best…’   almost – apoplectic apathy.

*An alternative perspective from a young African… ‘challenging, provocative and controversial.’

Or read more of the Article at HuffingtonPost:

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Arm the opposition? For those who ‘fight’ against the Assad Regime, ‘and’ seemingly now – Hezbollah, who are actively supporting this discredited Government!

Syria Man & Child!!!
*How on earth can people disagree with arming the Syrian Rebels?
Where in this great battle for the ‘right to the freedom of expression,’ and for the people of Syria to choose the course of their lives… where are ‘consciences,’ and the rightful sense of indignant injustice we should be feeling for the Syrian People’s plight?

             Where are…  our consciences?

One of the near countless  incidents, which sparked this war… was in fact a group of children who were caught by the Regime: scrawling anti-Assad messages on a wall, and were consequently captured and tortured – by having their fingernails pulled out!

              This is not a group of terrorists trying to overthrow a respectable fair minded State, a representative of democracy in any  sense; these are people fighting for their very existence, the right to govern themselves, and actually determine their own lives!

            The Syrian Regime, is committing genocide, murder, rape, torture, and imprisonment of ‘any’ and all of its opponents; what more atrocities does this cruel despotic Government have to indulge in exactly, for we – the ‘West…’ to finally get some backbone  and feel we must  rightly intervene?

            Those people in the West who lazily label the Syrian people as terrorists  – who are instead fighting for their lives and freedom; these people in the West who adopt the attitude of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,”  conveniently forget the Syrian people did  attempt a “peaceful” uprising, but were shot and bombed, and ‘worse’ for their brave stance against a dictatorship, which is intent on stamping out the merest sign of dissent! They, the ‘people of Syria…’ as a result were left with little alternative – than to bear arms.

            Not forgetting, when many members of the Syrian army, who ‘stoically’ refused to fight or carry out atrocities – in the name of Assad, and were usually consequently summarily shot on the spot!  Other brave individuals – deserted, taking up the cause, and forming the courageous ranks of forces ‘such as the Free Syrian Army!’

           On Wednesday hundreds were reported dead in an alleged gas attack… by the Assad Regime on the suburbs of Damascus! This comes on top of a prior reported incident, only a short while ago…  yet another reported massacre of men, women, and ‘children.’

            In this conflict and these people’s brave and stoic fight for liberty against overwhelming odds…  this term has almost become a Cliché,  which is an atrocious indictment of the world’s crass indifference, and lack of meaningful action taken – in resolving this conflict.

           If the Assad Regime were to achieve victory, and I ‘do’ believe the human spirit will triumph, and this despotic dictatorship will  be overthrown! Nevertheless, consider for just a moment please… the consequences of the Assad Regime succeeding? This regime is supported by without doubt – those with real  terrorist links: Hezbollah, and Iran just to mention a few!

Also Russia… yet another Government, which murders, tortures and imprisons its opponents… has military installations situated in Syria and therefore is actively  supporting the Asad Regime.

           What is more… the fledging democracies of both Iraq, and Afghanistan have come under renewed threat recently, by internal struggles, and external pressures – including Iran, which attempts to subvert both of these countries, because in reality ‘many’ in the Iranian Regime, do not wish to have a democracy for their own people, and see such as these… emerging democracies as a genuine threat to their own repressive regimes; and what is more… they absolutely  are! They shine the light of hope for people, who wish to see a better future for not just the select few, but all!

           Yes, both Iraq and Afghanistan are admittedly endeavouring to evolve into mature democracies… in fact in many respects, have recently come under pressure like never before, and deserve our sincere and continued support. Nevertheless, they also have acted like a beacon of hope in the Middle East for the Arab uprising,  and those who protested in Iran after the ‘largely believed’ 2009…   flawed election.

            Please do not underestimate how much is at stake here; the Free Syrian Army, are not  just fighting for their people’s freedom, but also actually – in reality, the stability and the huge potential for a balanced, fair and open democracy – in the region of the troubled Middle East, and therefore of course, the future prosperity, and progress, of in fact – our own  society, if not the world!

             Ultimately we face a stark contrast, if Assad were allowed  to succeed, and this is what the fundamental question really boils down to… because we have more than the necessary capability to end this conflict – if we applied the will, and therefore the force of arms…  potentially within a matter of just a few weeks  this conflict could be over; leaving the Syrian People free to choose the course of their ‘own’ lives, which is a fundamental   human right! We must neither forget that – Hezbollah, who have now been classed as a terrorist  organisation by Europe… that they alongside others are supporting the Assad forces, but if  this barbaric regime – were to succeed, the ramifications for the people of Syria, and in fact the world… would be nothing short of a – catastrophe.

              This is not to speak of the fact… that AL Qaeda has also become increasingly  involved seeking to spread their influence throughout the world. AL Qaeda… were reportedly to have recently captured and tortured a little girl…  to death, due to the simple fact… her family happened to be of the wrong  religious grouping!

# Alternatively, if the Free Syrian Forces were to overthrow their oppressors… then this would be another significant turning point, perhaps even a tipping…  point for democracy – in not only the Middle East, but for ‘mankind’ throughout the planet.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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My email to the Chief Rabbi: Every person in Britain, who truly cares about the society we live within… must place stopping Brexit as a priority!

The European Union which Winston Churchill was in reality a founding father of: has brought all of us – including Britain 70 years of peace! It is abundantly clear we risk losing this, when we consider, that ever since the time of the Brexit vote… hate crime has risen starkly!

Many of us understand the Jewish community’s concerns in respect of the Labour Party’s… issues of antisemitism, we would be lacking in conscience – if at least to some extent we did not share these.

However, and this is a big… ‘however!’

The dangers facing our country at present are huge and are far ‘far’ greater than any potential threat a Labour Government might represent, which admittedly may not have always acted effectively as it should on the subject of antisemitism.

Democracy has been on the retreat for the last 13 years across much of our planet, due to largely our complacency in the face of the threat of fake news & propaganda!

The Putin Regime has actively been meddling in our politics and those of many other democracies around the world for years!

 European countries, including France, Germany and Sweden, and this year’s European parliament polls… have all suffered similar meddling, as did of course Britain’s Brexit referendum.

We know for a fact that Trump would have not have become President of America, if it had not had been for Putin… who stole Hillary Clinton’s emails, and gave them to Wikileaks! Trump even asked for the Kremlin during the campaign on live television to as good as help him win the presidency, when it looked as if he was going to lose.

It was Wikileaks, who then very irresponsibly allowed themselves to be used to bolster Trump’s campaign by releasing these… in doing so going against ‘everything’ they said they believed in, in effect supporting a man who has aspirations to be a dictator – gain power over the most powerful country in the world!

It was at this point in the American election Hillary Clinton was 6%+ ahead in the polls, and unfortunately although it emerged these emails had already been previously investigated, and Hillary justifiably exonerated; it was ultimately too late, and Trump won the election

In reality, this not just putting democracy at risk in America, but the democracies of many places around the world, which rely on the support of the United States!

Additionally, Trump would not have won if it had not been for the United States… corrupt and distorted Electoral System, which gives more credence to Southern States, than those in the North.

For instance a person casting their vote in New York – here it is disgracefully only worth as little as 1/3 as much, as somewhere such as Virginia!

This actually harkens back to the days of slavery, and was intended to maintain the status quo, and the Southern States position which were primarily in favour at the time of course for this abhorrent practice. 

“Perversely, the more slaves Virginia (or any other slave state) bought or bred, more electoral votes it would receive.”

It is therefore no mere coincidence that Britain shockingly voted for Brexit on the basis of a plethora of lies spewed forth by Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and to a considerable degree Putin… and but just a few months later America voted Trump!

The point is ‘disinformation’ has become so prevalent in our society, and therefore Putin’s objectives such a real threat; that this word has become an insidious part of our society and its vocabulary.

Did you know the word disinformation” is actually a Russian word and originated from the KGB?

Just to remind people how pervasive Putin’s influence is on our planet; not neglecting of course his hand in Syria, and I suspect more recently the election of a far right government in Brazil!

The president of Brazil… Jair Bolsonaro is currently allowing one of our last vestiges of the environment to be destroyed by failing to protect the Amazon Rainforest, in fact introducing policies, which actually encouraged loggers to burn and cut the forest, to make a profit.

The corrupt Brazilian Government is not only devastating the Amazon, it is attempting to criminalise those fighting to protect it!

I would ask that you watch these powerful videos please which speak of the threat to our society and democracy… the first is Carole Cadwalladr, and the second is an LBC interview with Bill Browder, and others including an intelligence expert on Boris Johnson and the Conservative Government’s failure to release the Russia Report:

Brexit was the biggest election fraud that hit Britain in one hundred years!

The brave story of Sergei Magnetski the man who gave up his life to fight Russian corrupt and political meddling!

If we may perhaps look back, and think how we actually all got here? 

The rise in hate crime directly relates to Brexit, and while I believe antisemitism may be a problem within the Labour Party, by at least to the same extent… Islamophobia is actually rife within the Conservative Party, and equally as alarmingly our society!

The Muslim Council of Britain… speaks about a Tory Government, which is institutionally Islamophobic!

While we must recognise our problems, and deal with these… we must also keep these in perspective?

Without doubt the main threat to our country right now is undoubtedly ‘Brexit!’

The dire consequences this would have on everything from our: human rights… to our environment, to the very fabric of our society!

Yours Sean Sebastian White


“The” ‘Top’ People… I Would Like to Partake in a Picnic Hamper With and a Discernable Bottle of the Refined Sparkly Stuff…

A rather eccentric bunch endeavour to find the fabled… Lost Picnic!

    • Gary Numan… OK I am fickle, I concede the point, damnit! However, just realised he’s still producing excellent music even now, and has been for years! And his new single My Name is Ruin.
    • Brian Blessed… do you really really require an explanation?
    • Sandy Toksvig… potentially funniest female alive!!!
      ( A little dynamo of comic and  cosmic energy of super-nova proportions)
    • Tony Robinson of the… bumbling but irrepressible Baldrick fame and series… Blackadder.
    • Brian Cox… Physicist genius and dude, but I would not only like to pose some interesting questions about the universe; also, of even more paramount importance… you played base in the band D-ream… seriously? I hasten to add – a few years ago, also see him leaving a sandwich shop in Leeds, and heading back towards the university. This was at a time (time being relative an’ all) when only the occasional nerd or geek would have any of inkling or interest (in reality, this one or some other parallel multiverse) as – to who he actually was.
    • Stephen Hawking: Perhaps he could demonstrate how a picnic blanket in the midst of meadow… is reflective of the fabric of the…
      space-time continuum?
    • Steve Wright… in the Afternoon! Well, it does not have to be the afternoon, morning, evening… any time really? But then I’d also like to invite his nemesis, none other than:
    • William Shatner!  (I could never quite figure out – why Steve Wright was not keen on ol’ William, either…?) Both particularly zany chaps, who’s mentalities would reside most probably hospitably on another planet.
    • Nelson Mandela… a black dude with attitude!
    • Sean Connery... Scottish tartan dude with attitude.
    • Midge Ure... Scottish singing dude with attitude.
    • Bob Geldoff.… for saving the world, with the help of the likes of Midge Ure! Who knows perhaps these two could reconcile their differences over a cheese and cucumber sandwich?
    • Artic Monkeys… very kool, contemporary dudes!
    • Tom Waits… Bizarre musical genius dude!
    • James Garner – Rockford Files dude… sadly deceased now, but in spirit!
    • Michael J Fox, hey – the guy singlehandedly brought back skateboarding, and aspired to its innovative successor – the hover-board!
    • Jim Carrey… Rubber faced comedic hero & I’d just like to hear is philosophy on life, and this being a carousel?
    • Guy Garvey lead singer with the great band Elbow… and ‘all round’ nice guy – excuse the pun! Do really quite like this song… Grounds for Divorce
    • Ian Holm – hugely under-rated British thespian genius. He has appeared in just about every movie from the Aliens trilogy, Lord of the Rings and not forgetting The Borrowers (where on both occasions, they had to decrease his stature by a decidedly minimal proportion. Remarkably – he has been the essential lynch pin – in more films than you may imagine!
    • Gorbachev… for tea, egg and cucumber sandwich, in between giving Russia, and the world the best chance at democracy and fairness it had in decades when he was President.
    • Terry Pratchett – comic fantasy writer, and much missed! Certainly helped inspire my own style of scribbling: The Tallest Dwarf
    • Melvyn Bragg – progressive thinker and cultured commentator.
    • Plan B the singer… and not the latest schematics for the local supermarket complex, and reference to where the trolleys are stacked! Really poignant, thought provoking music and a little too close to home on this occasion.
    • Timba and Pumba from the Lion King, no doubt an invitation to ensuing mayhem & unrivalled unmitigated-chaos, but without exception “interesting…!”
    • Willy Wonka... I once played this role in a school production… never quite managed the elevated -and lofty echelons of Gene Wilder’s zany mad antics however!
  • Alex Salmond, who seemed I feel to have spoken more sense when he was First Minister of Scotland… does concern me that the SNP are becoming the establishment rather than challenging themselves the way they have in the past, and seeking a better way of ourselves moving forward together?A sombre note to conclude on, but unless we attend to the serious issues in life… we do not then get to relish those precious moments, which give life meaning.And for anyone else I perchanced to have missed?

           Just follow the clown…!

Donald Trump by ‘any’ estimation…. in exception of a few very ‘minor’ quibbles… undoubtedly the Greatest President America “never” had!

Let us not forget... Donald Trump’s humble beginnings.
Let us not forget… Donald Trump’s humble beginnings.

      Let us not forget…  Trump rose from humblest of beginnings, picking himself up roughly by his bootstraps!

Trump is undoubtedly the regular guy next door who began his life in the most Spartan of circumstances… right from the outset facing difficulties that would thwart the likes of lesser mortals.

“I started off with nothing… Daddy only gave me a small loan of $1 million dollars.”

Trump as a struggling young man demonstrating his innovative concept of ‘Super Trump Flying Ears…’ which later evolved into the much trumpeted Trump Airways! This also unfortunately never really took off…


Also there is Trump’s economic record, and his stirring  support for Britain leaving the European Union, which has been an unmitigated success… or do I mean disaster, one or the ‘tother’ as we say in Yorkshire.

Then let’s not allow ourselves to forget Trump’s stunning record on inclusivity, he is after all forever  exhibiting that spirit of goodwill and kindness to our fellow human beings.

Potential President’s heartwarming moments.

Anyway that Wall  of his will resolve Trump’s overly generous inclinations to those who happen to be different. Then there’s Mr Trump’s proposal for a Wall! Ok… apart from the fact he described all Mexican’s as potential drug dealers and rapists, well apart  from this minuscule detail… there’s absolutely no flaw in his proposal to demand that the deeply insulted and affronted Mexican people pay for this Wall… whatsoever!

Trump building a bridge of friendship between our neighbours.

Also we would like to assure Trump supporters that having the active support of none other than President Putin  of course is nothing, in any  way… to worry about; no not at all!

In no way is this a threat to America, your democracy and everything you hold dear… if you happen to disregard the 200 or so murdered journalists who were… rather past tense  critical of Putin, and the fact he’s been eliminating people since the 90s including the single mother of a teenage girl!

Then there’s the various political opponents who have been … murdered , and Putin’s rumoured hand in planting bombs that killed 300 people so he could justify war with Chechnya and boost his popularity before an election. I can assure everyone that is purely coincidental, nothing to worry about… whatsoever!

Putin and Trump’s very  supportive relationship.

The very accidental deaths of Putin’s critics… nothing to see here people move on!

Indeed Trump must be a formidable leader, when he admires such as Putin… a man who imprisons three girls young girls – some mothers, because they had the audacity to speak out against him in a ‘2’ minute musical rendition. These young women were then placed in slave like conditions and driven through overwork into hospital.

That’s what you want from a prospective president… who aspires to be like a Russian despotic dictator who will imprison three young girls for years,  place them in torturous conditions, and seek to intermittently humiliate them on a regular basis by subjecting them to frequent gynaecological tests; merely because they happened to disagree with him.

Strong Man Putin squashes Pussy Riot for performing song with lyrics he didn’t particularly like.

You can see precisely  why Mr Trump would model himself on Putin it takes a big man  to incarcerate three young women for years, and then proceed to inflict various forms of extreme abuse upon them!



Donald Trump is a huge proponent of guns, and supported by the NRA… indeed a wise move. Guns are big business, and America needs the money… yes ok 117 000 American’s are shot ever  year, and the US has the worse gun deaths in the entire Western World, but that’s good business!

Neither, of course there is nothing to worry about when you have a potential president who has a temperament so very volatile that even he  doesn’t seem to know what he’s going to say next, and has had their twitter account rem! That’s someone you can trust the nuclear codes with.

Commander in Chief  who at any moment might have an outburst and flying off the handle…. upsetting those delicate negotiations where heated exchanges could escalate into armed conflict, and particularly with our nuclear neighbours China accusing them of creating Global Warming to steal American jobs and has his hand on the nuclear trigger.

This is what the world needs, a President who makes life interesting… adds an element of Russian Roulette, as to whether our children will have in reality any futures to speak of or not? Who as his behaviour frequently demonstrates... acts first and then thinks later!

That’s precisely what the world needs in delicate negotiations where more countries than ever  have nuclear weapons before, which if they don’t go well… could result in the fiery nuclear conflagration of the entire planet!

And if you are going to deny all the evidence of climate change, and the “97%” of scientists who believe in this?

Click on image to take you to site... illustrator we have nothing to worry about, of course... I think, ahem.
Click on image to take you to site… illustrating we have nothing to worry about of course… I think, perhaps, well maybe… ahem.

Why not then not go the whole hog, or… wok  in this case, and blame the Chinese? Well you can see his point, it’s all those infernal Oriental-type people knocking those chopsticks together at such a frenzied velocity… there’s nearly one half billion of them you know?

Donald Trump’s creates yet another frighteningly intelligently insightful tweet.

Then there’s Trump’s cunning plan to lull the Chinese into a false sense of security by actually

Yet another remarkably cunning plan... to 'Make America Great' again by buying his hats from China! What
Yet another remarkably cunning plan… to ‘Make America Great’ again by buying his hats from China! What “loyalty…” that is to ‘China’ at least.

Ok, so he’s a little bit racist, don’t let the fact bother you… ok, quite  a bit  but that’s part of his animate character, disliking
immigrant! Some might say Trump is also a hypocrite lecturing on the broken homes of minorities… when he has such a diverse family himself.

Now, how did that get there…?
Now, how did that get there…?

Neither, in no-diddly-way… is banning Muslims from America pandering to extreme right wing fascism  reminiscent of the Nazis; which then led to the Second World War, the deaths of millions, and the near total destruction of civilisation itself! This is nothing like that… at all, well ok, a bit, quite a lot actually, but hey ho the German’s did it, and that worked out well, didn’t it?


Ok, then there’s that little matter… that no living former Republican President actually supports Mr Trump, indeed don’t let the fact that notable figure of George Bush senior is so disgusted by Trump that it is said to be voting for Hillary!

Some might say this should cast the shrill ring of warning bells to Trump’s supporter, when even they  the two former Bush president’s will not vote for their Republican candidate.

Hey, but do two former Republican Presidents know…? They after all, only held the highest position in America for well over a decade between them!

I digress…

So to conclude: apart from the overt racism, sexism… the tax evasion,  and the numerous business misdemeanours  including the 3055 litigation, the four, five… six (I lose count) bankruptcies, lack of Mr Trump taking  any cohesive responsibility for his own words, and mistakes,  apart from that.

Oh, and that potential destruction of all mankind…  thing.

There’s nothing to worry about in the slightest in voting Trump… that is if you happen to find appealing the thought of a… fiery brimstone and ash apocalyptic disaster of biblical proportions!

” America was built on the hope of dreams… not the fear of nightmares.”

Winston Churchill who is in truth the founding father of the… European Union: “The British don’t quit!”

Churchill founding father of Europe!!!
  Now I am not a Conservative supporter, but I do take issue with how many Brexit supporters and some Tories have conveniently implied that Winston Churchill was an anti-European. Churchill was in reality nothing of the sort, and contributed towards the very founding of Europe.

                  It was indeed Churchill, who also proposed a European State and Charter of Human Rights.” He had lived the terrible atrocities of the Second World War, and understood the reasons why it is better for Europe to work together:


              If you cannot take my word for it, perhaps you can the word of someone who fought as an airman in the Second World War, and has seen the consequences of conflict within our continent! Let ourselves not be deluded, lives are still being lost in this fight against a small minded mentality… Joe Cox for one, who if she represents what staying ‘in’ means, then I have no qualms her taking upon myself her fight. 


            David Cameron spoke at the time in a passionate appeal for unity in the fight for Britain, and a strong voice in Europe.

           “You listen to the experts, you do not ignore people such as the IMF! If you saw a mechanic, and they told you that the steering wheel, and brakes didn’t work, you wouldn’t put your family in the car.”

           On the fight for Britain’s soul:

           “Winston Churchill didn’t quit when it came to ourselves deciding to fight Hitler. He did not wish for us to fight alone… we fought with the Poles, French, and other nationalities.”

               Economically “both” IMF & Financial Times… are warning about serious consequences if we leave EU! How on Earth can anyone delude themselves differently? If you do not trust the judgement of the IMF you should certainly do the FT, as they cannot afford to make a mistake when wealthy investors rely on them!


The FT’s View: “This is not time to revert to little England. The vote must be ‘Remain.'”


        Each week we receive £88 million from the EU, and our own contributions goes towards amongst many… education and fighting poverty?         


The truth is migrants are not the real problem but our unfair, unequal society! For example.. those who run and control most of our national newspapers the ‘Super Rich,’ who are themselves… “billionaires!”  Indeed, it is no coincidence that  most of the newspapers support Brexit, and we have more billionaires than ‘anywhere’ else in the world, while families struggle to even feed their children.


           Also, 83% of UK scientists, wish to see Britain stay in the EU:


“It’s not just our >5,500 scientists’ signatures in The Times today… UK science is overwhelmingly in support of Remain.” pic.twitter.com/YQsrMi7qJa

          Richard Branson, “before we joined the European Union and ‘without’ the EU we had to pay 35% tax ‘just’ to trade with the EU. Then there was the regulation, which went with this, and which was actually far more than now.”


         In fact, important international investors are already taking their money out of Britain on the fear of a vote for Brexit, imagine what would happen if this were to take place?


           There are too many ‘self interested’ organisations trying to paint the European Union, and its ‘regulations’ as a bad thing.  For instance European regulations helped clean our UK rivers…

          Not to mention cleaning our beaches from raw sewage, and also the acts imposed have cleaned our very air!

           A TUC report warns that a #Brexit could turn women’s rights back… “decades!”


            In truth the European Union is “more” democratic than the UK:


Ask yourself this, how many of the Leave supporters have now switched sides, because in light of the facts, they have realised the benefits of Europe and the stark consequences of leaving this working partnership… for our country.


      This is a decision, which will effect the United Kingdom, and our relationship with not just Europe, but the rest of the world.

       To conclude a comedy sketch, which makes a rather poignant point… that if we do leave Europe, we will lose many of our rights. 

Do you understand what this means?

Worker rights, rights that allow ourselves time off, rights protecting us from working long hours, rights that ensure we can complain when things are not correct… and rights that protect the environment we live in. 

Everything from our rivers, beaches, our seas, even our air… these are the incredibly improved quality they are, because of the European Union!


Sebastian White      #StrongerIn

Here is my interview with Sebastian White

This Sebastian White…

Evidently an ‘undiscovered genius!’


Chosen Picture

Name Sebastian White

Age 44 (Ahem… you should never ask a ‘lady’ her age!)

Where are you from

Leeds, although it has been speculated that I may have harkened from some other inter-planetary body!

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

Jeez, that’s a big one…

Erm, I sorta just take one day at a time!

Fiona: When and why did you begin writing?

I’ve always been a writer, as with life… there’s no beginning or end apparently – bugger! Time is all “relative” an’ all that…

Who was it who said that? That chap with the big hair? He who appears to have been spending too much of his recreational moments… undertaking the work of an electrician, whilst evidently lacking in the necessary qualifications; or perhaps standing too long in the vicinity of a particular efficacious plasma globe!

Fiona: When did you first consider yourself a writer?

Always have……

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A Blade Flashed in the Pale Moonlight….

When it came down to it... ?
When you get right down to it…?


At night a blade flashed in the pale moon light.

Blood ran freely, seeping from the rib cage.

His body lay, but not in a grave.

A putrid wretched corpse,

Staring vacantly into space.

A maggot infestation soon carried his tissues away.

Until nothing alas, was left…

But glistening alabaster Skeletal Remains.

                                                                                                                                        Sebastian White    ©2013

National Poetry Day 2015

As debt nearly “doubles” under the Coalition, and is actually now higher than ‘all’ the prior 13 years of the last Labour Government…

UK debt “doubles” to 1.5 trillion under this Coalition, and is actually higher than ‘all’ the prior 13 years of Labour Governments… voters believe austerity has starkly failed!

Indeed… the previous Labour Government  admittedly made a few mistakes, but spending too much – was “not” one of these; particularly… when you consider many countries spend far more as a proportion of their gross income!

However, we got the ‘balance’ wrong… it is a disgrace that there are millionaires, and “billionaires” in this country, who even in the very midst of the recession – their wealth actually ‘increased.’

Doubly  a disgrace, that when George Osborne cut the tax rate for the very richest in this country from 50% to just 45%… the average millionaire would be £14 000 per week  better off! This at a time… when people’s disability benefits – are being threatened, and actually a number… in fact too  many of these desperate despairing citizens – are resorting to committing suicide!

In stark contrast, if you are on benefits – many of these people will not see £14 000’s in
an entire  year…

I wish people would “wake up,”  and be fully informed of  the circumstances, which created the crisis, which fundamentally down to the huge inequalities in our society. For instance in ‘2012…’  right in the eye of the maelstrom of this crisis – the very richest people in the world, actually increased…  their wealth by at least a staggering  “250 billion dollars!”

Too many people seem to all too conveniently forget, this crisis started with the bankers in America, not  actually with our ‘then’ – Labour Government.

Also people are inclined to believe the ‘easy’ & too  simple excuses the ‘right wing’ press spin – in many of the newspapers, which they misinform the public with; instead of allowing the people to observe the actual  facts, and judge the situation for themselves!

The fundamental core of the problem – was not overspend… if it were – we would ‘not’ be living in a country, where people are sleeping homeless on our streets, and something akin to ‘1 in 5 children’  are still  born into poverty!!!

The problem in reality was, that not “enough” tax was taken from the wealthy in Britain – to balance and spread this burden fairly, and pay for the improvements in services… the people of the British Isles required, and undeniably deserved.

* The Labour Government did ‘not’ spend too much, the problem is – the wealthy here… have for far  too long been taxed disproportionally not enough!

If this were not the case, the ‘bankers’ in this country, and others, would not have taken the risks – they actually did; risks  at times so momentously gigantean, that the average person in Britain – has been left feeling agog… at the nature of the figures speculated. In truth the reality was… that bankers and those from a decidedly privileged background; who had so  much money… they did not in reality know the real value of this, and as a consequence – to the same extent, behaved equally irresponsibly!

Since… the financial sector of the economy and ‘particularly’ the bankers – who are more to blame than most, have in most respects – taken the least burden for the results of the crisis, but this more epitomises  the continuing gross inequalities, which pervades our society!

And, which I hasten to add “any” mainstream party, and I include UKIP in that equation – particularly considering their improved poll standing, and also because many people delude themselves that ‘they’ offer an easy… simple solution to the crisis. This is simply not  the case, because as with ‘all’ the mainstream political parties, they are not  prepared to tackle the greatest issue, which is without doubt – ultimately… the crass underlying social inequalities, which ‘insidiously’ eat away at Britain.

Even Labour – are more interested in appealing to those ‘most’ likely to vote – such as pensioners; I am thinking Hilary Benn’s objections  to the proposal that the very wealthy elderly of our country their ‘pensions and cold weather payments’ are stopped, when they most evidently do “not” need these! Yet we live in a country, where some people are struggling for the very basic necessities, and worse… cannot even afford to feed their children. This is lunacy and following safe dogma on Labour’s part… “dogma” something, which all the three main parties are guilty of falling into this insidious trap.

This is actually absurd, when you consider that the Government is currently cutting housing benefits, which is directly contributing to increased homelessness in the United Kingdom; not forgetting other equally effected vulnerable segments of the population struggling to survive on benefits! Families, and those with children… who cannot even be guaranteed a decent upbringing, including the basic right… to have access to nutritional food, and sufficient heating, and not neglecting of course… a good education – so the future is therefore brighter for everyone in our social society!

~ All this lack of generosity of spirit, and downright penny pinching… which is literally costing lives, and this  in a country – where we are ‘still’ remain one of the very richest nation’s in the world!

Find more information relating to this story here:

American deficit projected to fall 2/3rds of what this was in 2009 to $368 billion dollars in 2015…!

Stark contrast with the British Isles ‘Conservative’ approach… right back in 2013 evidence of America’s 38th consecutive month of unemployment falls ! Since this time, the American deficit has shrunk “6 years” in a distinct divergence to that of the UK.

If you ‘panic’ with any  problem in life… you ultimately just exacerbate, and make an already difficult situation – worse!

The cuts the Republicans were attempting to enforce on America, were clearly a mistake, and driven by fear… not  ‘rational’ policy, and decision making.

The ‘economic stimulus’ package the Democrats, and Obama have put forward has  worked! America has actually had an entire ’38 consecutive months’ of falling  unemployment, when I originally scribed this post, and now this figure, and the subsequent fall in the deficit – are actually far more impressive!

In Britain, where our Government has misguidedly – taken the ‘entirely’ opposing approach, yet… ‘once more’  unemployment actually increased  at the time of the release of the US jobs data; presently in the subsequent few months, it has fallen marginally, but the contrast between America’s and our own record remains… stark! The British Conservative Government’s (ie: UK equivalent of the Republicans) record on unemployment has been nothing short of miserable – in comparison to America’s.

If we had a leader… who in the midst of a global financial crisis, managed to bring down the unemployment rate for “38 consecutive months,” and now America has a potentially estimated massive  reduction in their deficit; on both accounts ‘unlike’ my own country of Britain, which has been run by a floundering Conservative and Liberal Democrat – alliance,  which has ‘unwisely’ taken unfortunately an entirely  regressive, and introspective approach!

This lacks the courage of having a vision or a dream…  which are actually the principles the United States of America  was founded upon.

The facts  ‘ultimately’ speak for themselves!

Please let ourselves learn these heady, but enlightening lessons?

*Austerity absolutely  does “not” work! The ‘facts’ speak for themselves.

You do not “cut” a person’s legs from asunder, when he is struggling to get to his feet! This is actually… just pure ‘common sense!’

***The profound conclusion is, as it ‘always’ has been throughout our history:

 Trust in “hope…”  heed ‘not’ fear!

More on Deficit
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Admittedly… Somewhat Embarrassingly Pitiful, ‘and’ Just Perhaps – ‘Maybe…’ Not so ‘Quite’ Spurious… Claims to Fame:

Esteemed Astrophysicist Brian Cox… demonstrating the Tardis – he desperately wishes he could zip back in time within, and perhaps order a more comprehensively diverse sandwich! This would then perhaps be a precursory – for the professor to have the fortuitous opportunity…
to bump into my ‘good self.’
*It’s the ‘sliding doors’ principle or ‘parallel universe’ – hypothesis!
Well, you’ll just have to alas… live in hope – Brian!

# In descending… or ‘ascending’ order – depending on ye olde perspective?

Joanne Harris:  Kindly linked to my website, WWW.QUIRKYCLAUS.COM, after I met this best-selling author – at the annual Ilkely Literary Festival,  despite the fact that the staff there objected profusely, that the likes of mere me – would have the audacity to even ask to speak to her! Anyone would think… that I had proposed kidnapping the queens corgis  (notice not a capital there please, cos I aint no royalist – bring back the Roundheads!  ) ‘and’ consequently intended entering these – pampered pooches:  in the ‘ten past four chase’ – down at the local greyhound track! Was only but a few years – mind, before she finally realised what a total…    No, apparently…  she could not keep up with the numerous requests for links from other aspiring authors, although of course – may I add, of no doubt… a ‘far’ less deserving calibre.

Well, ‘I’ for one believe her – dammit!  Jests aside… it twas indeed a gesture, which I greatly appreciated!

Brian Cox:  Twas him – for sure!  I think I may have been in Ireland… a tad too long at this stage when I uttered these poignant words!

Nevertheless, I encountered Mr Cox in a sandwich shop in Leeds… this  ‘light years’ before… he presented the ‘Wonders of the Universe’ series, and was however just a mere twinkling nova – in some hinterland of a constellation. Indeed he was unbeknownst, but  to a few fellow nerds, and geeks… sorry: visionaries, astrophysicists, and eminent star gazers;  such as me good self – of course!

Alan Bennet:  I did see this author of – apparently…  many a noted piece , in a bookshop, once again at the Ilkley Lit festival! This was while – I myself, was attempting to push my own title… on the likes of any  unwitting punters, victims, no – that’s even worse… sorry “customers!”

Dom Joly:  Stole one of my, sorry, there’s me again – begorra… ‘was kind enough to partake of’ – one of my books at the very same festival, on the pretence it seems… that not only would his children be interested in the story, but he would endeavour to do more, and for myself – to achieve the status of: Preeminent Literary Genius or Galactic Overlord…  well one or tother!  More on this later…

Nonetheless, this was after after Mr Joly…  concluded his own speech on his – at the time, newly released title… Letters to my Golf Club  I had stood up and touted my own book in a questions  and answers session:  Quirky Claus, ‘hopefully’ but exceptionally – doubtfully…  at the expense of the promotion of his own title; nevertheless this was in front of ‘300’ or more people – oh the outrageous audacity. Notwithstanding this, he did profusely expound… in as many words, ‘he may be able to do something with the book’  but I never heard a sausage… indeed to coin a phrase, in fact – flamin’ bugger all!  No bitterness there whatsoever…  honest!

Dick & Dom of…’In the Bungalow’ fame:  I spoke to this gruesome twosome – on Radio One, when they sat in for an absent DJ, and presented the BBC breakfast show! I say spoke to, they actually – cut me off…  when I happened to arguably brazenly  – in the midst of the quiz they were hosting, tried to promote my book.

*One must… forever endeavour, and heroically  tally forth… regardless! Unfortunately, at times – however, I have to confess it feels more  reminiscent of the: Charge of the Light Brigade!

Phil Jupitus:  Took some of my work at the Edinburgh Festival and promised to get back to me… he hasn’t – turnip  that he is!!! Anyway, I have to confess… I always thought he was called Phil Jupiter, as in the planet – on account of his proportions; sorry I better retract that, as I met him, again, but a few days ago, ‘and’ he has considerably  slimmed down, since the days he was the burly jester we saw… some years ago! Ok… on account of his huge comical person, and vast plethora of resources?

Anyhow… evidently I was somewhat wrong, and true to tradition… he hasn’t returned – since… nutmeg that he is… sorry! Or perhaps it is a case, that you would have more chance of actually visiting the  planet Jupiter on a Roman Candle,  than for his namesake – to ever return to you? Ooooh hark… let us relent the fickle shallow façade, which is indeed at times…  ‘celebrity!’

~ Sure it isn’t really the case… and the blokes gotta sense of humour – after all!

Please don’t sue me…?

Iain M Banks:  Also  partook of some of my work, withal I had the impression he did not really want to in reality! Relentlessly  beat the buggers down,  that’s tis my motto… they’re gonna have to relent at some point.

Vinny Jones:  Once called me a F****** C***…  This was in the 80’s when the t*ss*r… sorry – ‘footballer’ played for Leeds United – apparently, and yes they were in the top division; ooooh ‘so’ long ago! At the time, I was doing a celeb fundraising gig for Greenpeace, and I was in the VIP lounge in the then premier  nightclub in Leeds Mr Craig’s… no less;  I know you’ve never heard of it… oh the fleeting fickle transitory nature of – fame.  I digress; but well not knowing who the hell he actually was…  even though there were more than half a dozen gals jumping around him – akin to something resembling a demented bevy of:  jackin’ the boxes… proclaiming his name repeatedly – in high pitched oestrogen drenched screams,  to all and sundry! No doubt with the hope of having the illustrious opportunity of sleeping with him. Oh indeed… how far feminism has progressed, and to think: it was just over a 100 years ago ‘when’ the Suffragettes won the right for women to have their vote!”  Often enduring being imprisoned, force-fed, and many dying in the process.
Something tells me – this is not exactly  what they had in mind!

I digress…

*In any case… will someone please elaborate further, as to what it is exactly with: two dozen men – kicking a spherical object around, a large rectangular shaped piece of grass – for a mind numbing, and get this: one and a half hours…  that this is so ruddy appealing?  Personally, I’d rather claw me eyes out… with a blunt teaspoon!

The British Canoeing Team:  I travelled around Europe – with these guys at the age of “7,” and yes… I was that good! No, I confess, it was the fact that – me mum actually did the catering for them, and I just hung along for the ride… or rather swim.  Unfortunately, as I stated misguidedly  in a school report, “She did favours for them.” All jests aside, this was undoubtedly one of the best, if not the  best experience of me humble crumble apple pie  – life.

Nonetheless – I can categorically state the British canoeing team, who proudly stood for Great Britain,  were – without doubt actually – certifiably craaaazy,  and not so much stoically represented our country – with dignity,  but availed themselves of absolutely ever opportunity proffered… to embarrass our little green island to their full potential!  After all, this is what being British is really  all about… is it not – people of this great isle? Tea, and crumpets… Vicar?

In this time, we travelled to both: Austria  and Germany;  won a heap of medals, and every time – one of the Brits were in the latter country… they would hurl themselves with berserk  unfettered enthusiasm, from the winning podium – into the thrashing waters of the course below, with no life jacket speak of, despite the fact, that I had heard people had actually died in these tumultuous waters. Yes, it was fair to say, that the British had something of a reputation. Not to mention that I actually persuaded me on one occasion, to jump in as they swam or rather flowed fast – at speed, past me, at an age when I had the swimming abilities of a brick;  I did have a life jacket, but still managed to genuinely  – nearly drowned! This is what happens when you have the aquatic constitution of a – brick!

*Can I say to the team: if you are still – out there chaps… “Biggles on!”   They will know precisely what I mean…  on the other hand, I’m not entirely  sure – I do? Let me elaborate… the team used to do this thing where they would mimic flying goggles on their eyes with their hands inverted. For instance they were in German cafeteria – one time, and someone shouted “Biggles on!” and everybody had to do this – as many of the team were walking back to their tables with laden trays – there was a much a loud clattering of crockery and cutlery, and more than a few bemused looks from the Germans. Biggles  of course… refers to the flying ace from ye olden times –  I happened to read one of his books… not one of ‘his’ actual books you understand – as he was purely a fictional character; however he would embark on many a high-adventure, fighting countless cunning villains, Nazi’s, and not forgetting a number of barbaric primitive tribesmen (I said it was fun,  not particularly – politically correct… give me a break, why don’t you?) as I recall, these adventures were set anywhere, from the ‘darkest depths Africa…’ to the vast impenetrable undiscovered – forests of the ‘Amazonian Basin.’ He was of a distinctly Indiana Jones style – persuasion, but with wings!

Rowan Atkinson:  Nonetheless, I am also distantly  related to none other than Mr Black Adder himself – apparently. But then again, what is that philsophy of 6 degrees of separation?   A large proportion of us are probably distantly related to Ghenkis Khan and Hitler… that’s not sommat I’m particular going to boast of, and practice my goose stepping down the drive, if this were the case! Nevertheless, I know our royal family have supposedly German routes, but I do not see anyone shouting that evident fact from the rooftops. Did you know, in our recent history –  just a couple of hundred thousand years ago; that the the human population collapsed to just a mere 2000 or so?  We very nearly became extinct! So in actuality we are all related relatively closely – to everybody else, on this little blue ball of rock, we apparently call Earth! Something to indeed – ponder upon…

Grumble Weeds:  I am somehow related to this bizarrely eccentric 70’s comedic music group…
do not ask me how?grumbleweeds 57%

        All, I know is… for a few years – they kept on turning up at every  family wedding, like talentless apparitions  heralding from the ‘Northern Cabaret Circuit,’ only jesting chaps! This was back in the 70/80’s as I recall, for whatever reason there seemed to be a preponderous glut of them –  around this period… without doubt top calibre entertainment!  Yep indeed, it’ll never get much better than those there – Grumbleweeds… ye all!

Dusty Bin:  My grandpop’s used to actually know the person who made this contraption… sorry – persona.  You know as in the gameshow “321″  fame, with Ted Rogers? How the ‘ell did he do that thing with his fingers, and his best friend bein’ a bin an’ all? Not just  one of your regular “run of the mill” variety either – I’ll ‘ave you know, but a decidedly dusty  one at that! Some people indeed… have all the luck.

The Wonder Stuff:  In the Dry Dock  tavern in Leeds, I had a game of pool with a member of the 90’s band, well I say play… with the band, it was actually in particular – for some unfathomable  reason a ‘dwarf’ whom they had supporting them, whilst one of the regular-sized members of the band – watched on bemused. The embarrassing fact was, while this chap, of a vertically challenged disposition, even though essentially – he could barely reach the table, he still beat the beejezus  out of me! Evidently, I did not present a sufficient enough of a ‘competitive challenge’ in the beating of this little midget…   (obviously no sore feelings, whatsoever)  In fact it is fair enough to say, that ‘I’ did not pose the prospect in the slightest  for potentially – building up his  problems: To The size of a cow!!!”

Kelly Brook:  Oh, and not forgetting… there was that time – I astral projected,  and had a twilight illicit liason with this rather adorable female siren! Notwithstanding this fact, I still maintain, when she was on The Big Breakfast  Kelly – was ‘the’ best female presenter ever,  despite, I believe criticisms to the contrary… no genuinely! 

I have to confess in actuality – the affair was actually so very illicit, that she remains entirely unaware of it… right to this very day! So I wouldn’t go reminding her?  Oh… the turbulent unfathomable,  and tempestuous waters of – true love! I wonder if she’s still got that ‘George Formby Teaches Banjo in Six Easy Lessons…’ cassette – we swapped, for her copy of – ‘Rolf Harris Tutors the… Kazoo, and Didjeridu?’

Actually, in retrospect, if you do see her… would you ask Ms Brook if I could – after all… “have it back please?”  This… and the snake charming pipe, which I would ‘tootle,’ many a merry tune upon, while donning my rather fetching – pink tutu…  as I serenaded this delicious: siren of wanton delight?

Oh the fun we would have, in my somewhat: vivid, borderline-obsessive,  and certainly –

Cameron Clegg – ‘inadvertently’ reveal their true alter-egos: *Zippy and Bungle, from the Children’s Classic… Rainbow!

Families boosted by childcare move
David Cameron & Nick Clegg demonstrating their love of the little urchins… as they qualify, “As long as they don’t grow up of course to be Working Class, disabled or perhaps… not having gone to Eton.”

Cameron and Clegg have finally  revealed themselves, and their true personas, as ‘none other’ than actually being characters from that – 70’s children’s classic…  “Rainbow!”

Therefore Cameron evidently must be ‘Bungle,’ in which case ‘Clegg’ is unmistakably George…

*I was going to plump for Cameron as the often selfish ‘Zippy,’ and Clegg instead being the ever so gormless Bungle, which would give yet further insight… as to why the country is so  thoroughly buggered-up, quite to the extent it is! However, Clegg’s one arm gesture being manifestly more reminiscent of George, I have to confess… this somewhat threw me!

Nevertheless, all of a sudden, where they take their source of inspiration from – in arriving at their policy decisions… is becoming – evidently ‘all’  too apparent!